Go Mainstream, Go viral.

Is the crypto world mainstream or does it seem like it to me?

On TV, in the written press, on the radio and of course on the internet, today it is impossible that you have not seen a token, an exchange, a cryptocurrency or a blockchain project announced in any of the many media in which they are being promoted. . Formula 1 races with Red Bull and Tezos or Alpha Tauri and Fantom, Football matches with Manchester United and Tezos or Manchester City and OKX and a lot of other examples that we could detail.

What's going on? Is it good for us? Is it the definitive consolidation?

Let's go in parts and before doing so I want to make it clear as always that this is just the ramblings of any mind.

What is happening is that the crypto market is starting to be accepted by big companies as the technology of the future because they are starting to realize the true potential of some good projects.

Yes, in principle it could be the definitive step for the global acceptance of the new technology and put aside skepticism, but it also makes me wonder. Whenever the Mass Media has offered us something, they had some interest in doing it.

Yes, I think this will be a consolidation, but not the final one as many people will trust and not verify. That will cause trust problems (ironically, trusting makes you suspicious) and with it a recession in the market but an improvement in technology to solve the problems arising from mass adoption and from there to the moon, or so I hope.



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I am interested in this new era we are coming into. I will post all the things I´ll found. @The_passenger80 follow me on Twitter

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