Winning 8.88X On Earn Bet Crash Game - Short Youtube Video

A short video showcasing a nice win on Earn Bet, a handy 8.88 multiplier on crash - Some how i had the balls to hold on for the ride and turned out to have a nice little win.


Usually i don't have the balls too to hold on for so long but i wanted to show a good win for my youtube channel, so here is a short little video showing me having a good win on the earn bet crash game.

Earn Bet in my opinion has the best version of crash, your playing VS the computer and it's all randomly generated on the blockchain, every single bet done on earn bet is provably fair via smart contract.

Often with most crash games your playing with other players, and whales can totally effect your gambling, with earn bet there is no influence from other players it's just you VS the computer.

So here is a good win of 8.88X on earn bet crash, although i am currently trying for a 100X win that i can record and upload to my youtube channel so wish me luck guys!!


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