Goerli ETH — What is the Goerli Testnet?

By GetBlock | GetBlock | 9 Feb 2023

Ethereum Testnet Goerli is discussed in detail in this piece, which explains what it is, how developers use it, and why you should care. Additionally, you can use it to your benefit as well.

Goerli (Görli) is Ethereum’s first community-built testnet, launched in early 2019. Goerli began as an ETHBerlin hackathon project and quickly developed into a Proof-of-Authority based environment for Web3 developers to experiment with their decentralized applications before going to mainnet.

Just before the merger event in September 2022, Ethereum switched its consensus mechanism from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake, and Goerli was the last testnet to try out the new consensus. Still, let’s talk about what makes Goerli a popular testnet for Ethereum users, and break down some of its basic features.

What is the Goerli Testnet?

As mentioned above, Goerli was launched in early 2019 — and more specifically, the concept itself was originally launched in September 2018. Today, Goerli provides cross-client functionality to Web3 developers working on Ethereum.

You may be wondering what an Ethereum client is. Clients represent the central idea of the Ethereum ecosystem. This “implementation of the Ethereum blockchain aims to verify the information and provide security” and uses a number of different programming languages ​​such as C#, Java, Go, and Rust. Clients allow Ethereum nodes to cooperate with each other, but they provide different node software depending on the programming language used by the client to create the node. Then a new problem arises. In the past, each Ethereum testnet could only support one client, which was a limitation and an overall inefficiency.

That changed with the introduction of Goerli — the testnet is seamlessly compatible with different clients, which also means it supports a wider range of node software. As a result, dApp developers can now use the same testnet tools across different programming languages.

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