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By WildernessEnding | GET PROTOCOL | 11 Apr 2022

This is a short primer about GET Protocol with more content about it coming soon!

GET protocol is an NFT ticketing protocol built on the Ethereum network, operating across the polygon network in order to scale. GET aims to disrupt the ticketing industry by making it easier for fans and artists to connect, putting more money back in the hands of artists, eliminating scalping, and making the process of buying and selling tickets as transparent as possible.

Starting in 2018, GET Protocol has stood the test of time, and survived a pandemic where ticketed events were essentially off the table (plus a crypto crash). Since the middle of 2021, however, GET has come back swinging, debuting many integrators from around the world, breaching 1 million tickets sold, and they are currently well on their way to 2 million tickets sold. All tickets are visible on-chain here:

At this point, you might be wondering why GET, and why the ticketing industry needs to change? In 2019 the secondary market for tickets was worth around $16b ( Part of the value of GET is that it tickets can only be sold on the platform their integrators use, and event organiser can say how much (if any amount) above face-value tickets can be sold, all while still receiving revenue for tickets sold, yes, including the secondary market. This is huge considering that this is a market that traditional ticketers, Livenation et al, typically miss out on, and thus so do the artist/events. This development that is controlled through the usage of smart contracts ensures fairer prices and payments all around. Alongside this, there is the NFT aspect, once it is confirmed you and your ticket are at an event you have access to the NFT ticket, this means it is then tradeable, or you can keep it as a keepsake. We know that NFT's with utilities are the iteration of the NFT tech the world wants, so that is what GET are developing, NFTs that have utility outside of being just a keepsake, think add on collectables, artists being able to push exclusive content to you because you hold the NFT from their show or something that has not been thought of yet. The possibilities are endless.

The key thing, for me with GET Protocol is how easy they have made it for anyone to use. On the surface it works like any other web2 ticketing platform. Pay by fiat, get your ticket in an app. However, unbeknown (generally) to the user, they are interacting with the blockchain. GET has managed to produce a frictionless process for anyone to interact with web3! Their implementation is unlike any other crypto project in this sense. It is genuinely so easy your granny could use it. 

Check out more about GET Protocol here:

I hope this primer has been helpful? In the next blog about GET Protocol I will dive deeper into what they are actually doing and achieving. 

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What is GET Protocol, and why is it quietly taking over the world of ticketing, attracting big names, and small?

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