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Latest Bitcoin Core Code Release Protects Against Nation-State Attacks!

by coindesk.com
Bitcoin Core released a new software update Wednesday. Notably, it includes experimental software to hedge against attacks from nation-states and ISPs....

Argo’s Mining Revenue Dips After Bitcoin’s Halving!

by coindesk.com
London-based bitcoin miner Argo reported that a dip in revenue last month may have occurred due to the bitcoin halving....

Market Wrap: A Bitcoin Lull as Stocks Signal Economic Optimism!

by coindesk.com
The bitcoin rollercoaster has turned into a bumper car as equities take the stage in hopes of a global economic rebound. ...

Miners Are Selling More of Their Bitcoin. That May Actually Be Bullish!

by coindesk.com
The conventional wisdom could be challenged because miners mainly operate on cash, meaning they need to liquidate their holdings almost daily to fund the cost of mining. ...

Bitcoin News Roundup for June 3, 2020!

by coindesk.com
Not so good news for fans of $10K BTC. It's CoinDesk's Markets Daily Podcast....

Binance Korea Deploys Anti-Money Laundering Tool from Regtech Company Coinfirm!

by coindesk.com
Blockchain analytics provider Coinfirm will help Binance Korea better comply with anti-money laundering rules....

Matic Launches Mainnet Aiming to Bring More ‘Firepower’ to Ethereum!

by coindesk.com
Matic, a sidechain scaling solution for Ethereum, has deployed the first 10 nodes of its mainnet after several years in development....

First Mover: ECB Stimulus May Offer Market Hope After Bitcoin Fails (Again) to Break $10K!

by coindesk.com
After another failure above the $10,000 mark, some bitcoin traders are now looking ahead to this week's European Central Bank meeting, where authorities could commit to an extra €500 billion in money injections – er, asset purchases. ...

Hard Fork Sets Stage for Ethereum Classic’s Second Major Departure From Ethereum!

by coindesk.com
Ethereum Classic has largely followed Ethereum in lockstep. But as the larger chain goes toward Proof-of-Stake, ETC is sticking with Proof-of-Work....

Lightning Network Overhaul Could Strengthen Bitcoin Privacy – But Many ‘Ifs’ Remain!

by coindesk.com
Bitcoin developers are exploring Point Timelock Contracts (PTLCs) to improve the privacy of payments on the Lightning Network....


Winners and losers


Top 5 winners


Name                          Price (USD)

HedgeTrade 2.50109499924 delta-green.png 12.8683

Cardano 0.0847047678981 delta-green.png 7.33076

IOTA 0.24714255208 delta-green.png 5.8951

Crypto.com Coin 0.0955754412071 delta-green.png 5.71863

Tezos 3.02144572332 delta-green.png 4.52071


Top 5 losers


Name                        Price (USD)

Ethereum Classic 6.92841119979 delta-red.png -0.572486

Dash 77.8680621465 delta-red.png -0.483827

Huobi Token 4.07093945708 delta-red.png -0.375802

Bitcoin SV 195.383162598 delta-red.png -0.281528

USD Coin 1.00054252362 delta-green.png 0.0657627


Other great coins


Name                       Price (USD)

Steem 0.205231907508 delta-red.png -0.393247

Hive 0.247142832605 delta-green.png 1.76431

Bitcoin 9624.32029001 delta-green.png 1.00238

Ethereum 241.384993162 delta-green.png 1.61373


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