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What I Learned About CUTcoin

By dep2001 | Get Fat On Crypto | 22 Apr 2020



Concealed Untraceable Transactions (CUTcoin) is a functional crypto currency project that promises its users anonymous transactions and total privacy coupled with data protection and opportunity to earn passive income through staking. 

CUTcoin uses Proof of Stake consensus algorithm and advanced cryptography.




1. Privacy Focused 

CUTcoin uses advanced cryptography to ensure anonymous transactions and data protection.


2. Trading  

CUTcoin is easily available for trading on several exchanges including TradeOgre, Crex 24, Stex etc.


3. Wallets  

CUTcoin offers an offline wallet and a web wallet which makes it easy to carry out transactions on the go.


4. Staking Pool 

CUTcoin offers guaranteed income to its users through the staking pool. For example, if you stake 100 CUTcoins for 31 days, you would gain an additional 4.24 CUTcoins as profit.


5. Transparent Interest Rate  CUTcoin's interest rates are clearly stated on the website and is constantly updated to help you make informed investment decision.


6. Block Explorer  

CUTcoin has a simple, straightforward block explorer where you can check status of your transactions.




1. Low Transaction Volume 

The volume of transactions on CUTcoin is low.


2. White Paper  

CUTcoin's white paper has little or no information that will enable a potential investor to understand the direction of the project.


3. Insufficient Info  

The information about CUTcoin on the website home page is just a one-liner. It should have 3-5 lines of text/graphics explaining the project clearly.


4. No Address 

CUTcoin has no physical address on its website. 

C'mon, even an ant has a home address. They should include a physical office address to gain the trust of potential investors.


5. Serious Competition  

There are similar projects out there that are ready to give CUTcoin a run for their money.




CUTcoin is a promising project and would be very useful to crypto currency investors and enthusiasts who are much concerned about their privacy and data protection. 

I would give it a rating of three out of five.

You can learn more about the project by visiting CUTcoin WebsiteGuy learning about CUTcoin

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