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What is the MakerDAO?

By Emir Can | Gergous Article | 10 May 2020

MakerDAO is a decentralized organization.

We can write smart contracts with makerdao that work on eth blogchain.





-Maker eth can offer various financial services using blogchain. And it eliminates centralized administration.

- The solutions offered by the makers are the decentralized state of the transactions we make from the bank as traditional finance.

-If you have a mobile phone and internet, you can access these services.

*MakerDAO's main purpose is to help people financially by writing contracts on the eth chain.

*DAI is a great supporter of this.

*You can deposit DAI and produce DAI.






*It is up to you to deposit money in the decentralized chaine.






-Application made by the designers of Oasis Maker.

-You can trade and do many transactions.

-You can invest, you can attract the difference in earnings from your investment. There is no obligation.

-You can look at the graphics from makertools in the MakerDAO system.


-MakerDAO decisions are made with pre-written codes or user ratings.

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Gergous Article
Gergous Article

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