SafeMoon, SafeMars, AquaGoatFinance, SafeTesla same sh** different a*******

Anyone familiar with at least 1 of the 4 mentioned new "defi community driven" Cryptos will know that these send transactions or trade with a "special" penalty the user has to pay written in the smart contract. Yes that's right, you think you can trade or send Cryoto by merely paying regular transaction fees or trading fees ? Those days are over thanks to the likes of SafeMoon and SafeTesla, which both penalize you a staggering 10% for any transaction you send to anyone, or any trade you do with their "revolutionary" Crypto. SafeMars and AquaGoatFinance charge 4%.


From AquaGoatFinance's own site:

"The contract takes a 4% fee from any transaction, including buying, selling, or transferring between wallets, then redistributes those tokens. A portion of that fee (2% of every transaction) is added to the liquidity pool and paired with BNB. The penalty is a deterrent for trying to play the extremes of the market; however, the redistribution rewards holders that hold while AquaGoat transactions occur between these extremes. The goal is to retain long-term holders and ensure confidence in investors to hold during volatility"

Did you get that, their "goal" with charging you these ludicrous fees is to "retain" you. I wonder if they ever heard of staking? Or was that perhaps too non-pyramid for them? The irony here is that these run on the new Binance Smart Chain, which was cheaper to use then the ETH blockchain and thus enabling users and traders to keep more of their profits instead of paying them to miners, but I guess AquaGoat, SafeMoon, SafeMars and SafeTesla solved that pesky 'keeping more profits' problem for their holders ;)

Oh, you do get a certain percentage added to your wallet every day by just holding these Cryptos and doing nothing with them, this comes from the people in the community who do use Crypto to send transactions (imagine that) or trade, but as I've seen from one example, the holder after 6 weeks didn't even get enough SafeMoon to cover the 10% transaction fees when he wanted to sell and get out.


Everyone is free to do whatever they want, this is not meant to put these Cryptos down or whatever, and by no means does it mean you can not make profits by investing in them, as the price jumps of Safemoon and SafeMars have proven lately, just pointing out that from my perspective, it seems that people investing in these type of Cryptos are either new to the Crypto world and not that familiar with it's past, or are knowingly boarding a sinking ship hoping that it will race them as far as possible and they'll be able to get off in time to watch it sink with it's "community" still aboard of course, because how else will you cash out with profits?

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Geo-Political & Economical developments
Geo-Political & Economical developments

Things are almost never as they seem. If you sincerely think that world powers would spend their money and resources in order to just "help" citizens from foreign nations, you might want to ask yourself why they've been neglecting and out right murdering their own citizens for decades. What are their true motives for wanting to fund foreign (terror) groups, start global confrontations and wars? I'll let you in on a little secret; It has NOTHING to do with "human rights" nor "democracy".

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