Dutch football club PSV Eindhoven announces they hold Bitcoin

Dutch football club PSV Eindhoven announces they hold Bitcoin

It's official, after the first country making Bitcoin legal tender, we now have a major club that holds Bitcoin. The details are that they received it from Anycoin Direct, an exchange who partnered with PSV and agreed with the football club to pay the sponsorship contract in Bitcoin.

This reminds me of this semi-meme

PSV stands for Philips Sports Association, Philips is the Dutch multinational electronic/healthcare technology corporation, so their founded football club likening a revolutionary technology may be related to that saying about birds of a feather ;)


Good news, quickly turning possibly great news with long term involvement, since the club announced they had no plans to sell their Bitcoin

"Janssen created the necessary Bitcoin wallets immediately after signing the contract to receive the proceeds in BTC sovereignly. The club has been self-custodying all the bitcoin received through the sponsorship since August, with no plans to sell it."

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Geo-Political & Economical developments
Geo-Political & Economical developments

Things are almost never as they seem. If you sincerely think that world powers would spend their money and resources in order to just "help" citizens from foreign nations, you might want to ask yourself why they've been neglecting and out right murdering their own citizens for decades. What are their true motives for wanting to fund foreign (terror) groups, start global confrontations and wars? I'll let you in on a little secret; It has NOTHING to do with "human rights" nor "democracy".

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