Young and Rich

By QueenGG | General Writing | 22 Sep 2020

If you're determined enough, getting rich is easy!

What do you think about this statement?

Inherited wealth is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about getting rich from scratch. As they say, "Self-made millionaire!"
Right, I'm talking about self-made rich.

Think about it for a minute. A positive mind set can give you so many things you want, you just have to believe that you can accomplish your goals, and work hard towards it.

Here are some important factors to consider, on your journey to wealth.

1-Make wise investments

I had a friend who invested in a mutual fund, worth anywhere around $150,000 USD.
He did this because he had multiple student loans to pay back, and was in dire need of a financial rescue system.
He reaped the exact results he wanted or I should say expected, with extra to give him a little head start of living alone.
We spoke about the success of his short term investments, and wondered just how much more he could have made if he had continued.
We did the mathematics, and well, it's safe to say he would have been filthy rich in his thirties.


Funny thing is, my friend didn't consider the long term effects of the investment.
This is why, once you have studied and properly analyzed an investment scheme, and you trust that it would work for you, think about the option that would benefit you best, and work towards it.

2-Short term investments may seem like a get rich scheme, but long term ones are way more beneficial.

Think about it, growth and development of almost anything, takes time.
It takes time to properly shape, and mold an object. To learn, discern and understand the way thinks work.

This is especially why, a short term investment's success would have just only begun and you are cutting the great long term benefits it can pose on your financial future.

Don't set an unrealistic target, allow time to accumulate your wealth.


3-Surround yourself with like-minded people

There is a high chance that the majority of people around you would encourage you to spend money.
"Hey, let's go out!"

"Let's take a trip up the islands."

"Let's hit the club!"

And bla bla bla!
Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying, you can't go out, but limit your outings and sit down and say to yourself, "What exactly do I want for my financial future?"
If you express your thoughts to those around you and they don't seem to agree or understand your stance, then get out of there.


No I'm not saying to lock them off completely, only do that if you can afford to.
Just limit your interactions with those kind of people, they would sow you negative seeds, and well, when it's time to reap, it won't be all that pretty.


4-Stock Market Hype

There is alot of hype behind the Forex trading/investing market.
Is it really worth your hard earned money and time?

I would say yes, most definitely; but please I beg you, learn the basics of how the markets work before depositing cash.
Research the markets and companies that are you are interested in.
Look at their stability over the years, and what are the factors that can easily drive the market up and down.
This is critical in understanding your market of interest; because once you understand it, you can ace the system. Once you ace the system, you'll be calling in big bucks in months.

Forex/Stock Market

Are you on your way to wealth? 



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General Writing

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