Changes after COVID-19

By rajayaku | General Topics | 20 Apr 2020

Now that we are in the lock down mode, expecting the unexpected has become habitual. Some changes I expect after this COVID-19: some good, some bad...

  • Workplaces will encourage more work from home to save cost
  • Automation/Robots will take over some jobs
  • online shopping & home delivery of goods will become a trending practice
  • Kids will get addicted to internet due to online classes and remote learning practices
  • Tourism will take time to get going
  • people start cooking
  • Good understanding between family members/ friends
  • more focus on savings & investments
  • no handshakes will be seen for a while
  • no "Bless you" comments when someone sneeze, instead people will stare at you
  • new virus (especially from animals) will hit the headlines

No matter what changes comes by, staying positive throughout will be the KEY! Wishing a peaceful life post COVID-19!

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