what is analog computer and how it works

what is an analog computer and how it works?

By Fazal_Hakim | General & IT blog | 15 Oct 2022


Analog computer process analog data. Analog data is continuous and is not separate or discrete, such types of data include pressure, speed, temperature, height, weight, voltage, etc.

Analog computers measure continuous changes in physical quantities

e.g. speed meter of a car measures speed.

thermometer measures change in temperature.

weight machine measures weight.

Analog computers are ideal in a situation where data can be accepted directly from measuring instruments without converting it into numbers or codes (Binary numbers).

Analog computers are the first to be developed which provided the basis for the development of the modern digital computer.

Analog computers are widely used for specialized engineering and scientific applications, for measurement & calculation of analog quantities. They are used in an oil refinery to control processes where flow and temperature measurements are important. They are also used in the paper making & chemical industry.

Analog computers do not need storage devices because they measure and compare quantities in a single operation.

Output from an analog computer is in the form of reading on a series of dials (speed meter of a car) or a graph on a strip chart.


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