Selection of Coin & Time does matter while investing in Crypto:-

By Nadan | General Crypto | 31 Oct 2021

Have you ever thought the time is a crucial factor for our investing strategies. But how?

Have you missed buying BTC at $0.08 about 12 years back, Ethereum at $1.25 about 6 years back, BNB at $0.1 about 4 years back, or SOL at 0.5 about a year back? There are thousand of such Coins. But these are the few everyone is well known to right now.

Btw, the matter is why you didn't invested in it? Maybe you were not in crypto at that time. Maybe you were there you were a newbie and didn't meet them, or maybe you were not having belief and trust in putting your money there. Well, what the case was, but today we can't reverse it nor can change it.

A day early in crypto is ensuring a boost in your crypto knowledge and a meet-up with the best coin. In this case, time is not just defined as the early or late access to a coin but to the extent of having your hands on that coin, which is known as Holding. So here, time is equal to Early access plus Holding duration.

I know a lot of us have joined the crypto space in the last one or two years. And we have missed many opportunities. But today you are here. If you can't pull in yourself to the already mooned projects. If you can't own one BTC and ETH. You are not expecting a huge profit if you put you $400-500 in BNB and SOL, and also have a fear of dump there.

So the question is what else are you having around to put your pennies in? Will be okay to our money on every new project to get an early access there? A big No! Not all the coins have their lowest or best price for buying at their early stages, not every new coin have a bright future. Then isn't It too hard to select any from a big market having about 10K Coins.

Well if you have noticed some of the projects mentioned above, they have a good use case, backed by strong projects, or they run the essential part of the blockchain. These are some properties that made them so crucial among investors.

So what are you seeing in the market that are having the mentioned characteristics, have its early stage, and is affordable for you? Distribute a little amount of your money there and forget about it for 2-5 years. I am ensuring a massive profit in your portfolio with zero regrets.

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