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SwissBorg is not a crypto exchange but an investment platform to trade crypto currencies and to receive an attractive return via Smart Yield! New, fast, clear and secure. The easy way for large investors, but also ideal for beginners. With the registration bonus earn up to 100 Euro for one 50 Euro investment.

What exactly is the SwissBorg Wealth App?

First of all, a distinction must be made between the various offers from SwissBorg, there is the token CHSB, the SwissBorg Community App and the SwissBorg Wealth App, which is the main focus of this review.
The SwissBorg Wealth App itself is not a crypto exchange in the true sense of the word, but an investment platform for cryptocurrencies. Through an algorithm – the Smart Engine – the best price will be choosen. If you make a purchase or to sell your coins, the best price will be selected from various crypto exchanges. These four exchanges are Binance, HitBTC, LMAX and Kraken.
Thanks to its very simple operation, the SwissBorg Wealth app is a good start for beginners to familiarise themselves with the material.


check review on website: www.geld-help.info/en/crypto/crypto-trading-mit-swissborg

Register Link: https://join.swissborg.com/r/saschaDHXE


Table of Contents

  • What exactly is the SwissBorg Wealth App?
    • Facts about SwissBorg Wealth App
    • Personal rating
    • Pros and cons for FaucetCrypto
  • Useage of the SwissBorg Wealth app
    • Registration to the SwissBorg Wealth app
    • Deposit into the SiwssBorg app
    • Buying crypto currencies with the SwissBorg Wealth app
    • Transfer to your own wallet
    • Payout Fiat currency to your own bank account
    • Smart Yield (intelligent return) with SwissBorg
    • Fees at SwissBorg
    • SwissBorg Premium Account
  • SwissBorg Sign Up Bonus
  • SwissBorg reviews on various platforms
  • Negative aspects of SwissBorg
  • SwissBorg Community App
  • My experience with SwissBorg

This report only refers only to myr own experience with the SwissBorg Wealth App and research on the Internet. All information was created during the test phase.
Within this review/test, I limit myself to the basic functions and how trustworthy the offer is with proof of all transactions through receipts.

SwissBorg offers a good help center, all basic questions are clarified there – 
SwissBorg Help Center

Information about the company itself, the team behind this service or other details like that can't reviewed by myself, for further information please visit the operator's homepage, Use white papers and other sources of information on the Inertnet. All offered information within this review are based on my own experience, which may vary from person to person.

This report is NOT an investment recommendation and I do not provide any guarantee or support for the use of the SwissBorg Wealth app.

It can always happen, especially in the crypto area, that offers change.
Trading crypto currencies is a high-risk business and in extreme cases you can lost your whole investment.

Facts about SwissBorg Wealth App

Name of the offer: SwissBorg Wealth App
Start of the offer: April 2020 (Wealth App)
Register Link: https://join.swissborg.com/r/saschaDHXE
Type of offer: Crypto investment app
Company homepage: www.SwissBorg.com
Cryptocurrencies: 13
Deposite types: fiat (Bank transfer) or Crypto coins
Minimum deposit: no
Minimum payout: no
fees: max 1% (very transparent)

Personal rating: 5 out of 6 stars

- very fast processing
- Smart engine for the best courses
- clear system
- very easy system usage
- completely transparent
- good and clear statistics

- only via mobile app
- only fiat and crypto deposit possible
- just 13 Crypto currencies on offer
- Offer is very new
- high fees (1%)
- User language only in English
- market orders only
- can only be used with a mobile phone number

Useage of the SwissBorg Wealth app

The usage of the app itself is foolproof and very to understand, the language of use is English and cannot be changed. At least that Help function on the SwissBorg homepage is also available in Spanish, French, Deutsch, Italian, Chinese and Russian. All basic information are explained there in detail.

Registration to the SwissBorg Wealth app

Registering with the SwissBorg Wealth App is very simple. In addition to personal details, previous experience in the area of investments and KYC (Know-Your-Customer) – i.e. personal details – are requested. The activation usually takes place within 24 Hours on weekdays.


Deposit into the SiwssBorg app

At the moment,deposits are only possible in the offered 13 cryptocurrencies or by bank transfer (SEPA or SWIFT), and SwissBorg itself does not charge any fees.
Within an hour, the money from my account (Commerzbank) was credited to the SwissBorg app without any fee.
There is one important thing to consider when making a transfer:
– the money must come from the person's account, who manages the SwissBorg account, so both names must be the same.



Buying crypto currencies with the SwissBorg Wealth app

The purchase of cryptocurrencies is very easy with one click and after less than a second you get a detailed breakdown of your transaction. My example shows the purchase of KNC (Kyber Network) and ENJ (Engine) .. With these two screenshots, you are able to see how the purchase of the crypto currency took place. Transfer from different exchanges, the pictures speak for themselves. For example, Kraken transfers from US dollars to Kyber via the liquidity pool.
Liquidity pools guarantee quick processing and a certain price stability during the transfer. The necessary fee of 0,3% is already included in the SwissBorg fees.


Transfer to your own wallet

Storing the coins in your own desktop or hardware wallet is always more safe, than on a crypto exchange or an investment platform. According to its own information, SwissBorg has a very secure system.
The transfer of KyberNetwork Coins from SwissBorg to my Atomic Wallet worked within a second with a fee of 2 KNC (around. 2,7 Euro) with a KNC volume of 250 Euro.



Payout Fiat currency to your own bank account

Now one of the important parts, because deposits usually work quite easily with also with bad/scam offers. The most important transfer is always backwords from the service provide to the own bank account .
The transfer from SwissBorg to my bank account worked perfectly. In the example it was done with my Commerzbank account.
The exchange of crypto currency (in this example Enjin) to the fiat currency Euro had worked without any problems within a second. The payment from SwissBorg to my bank account (in this case Commerzbank) was credited to the account at the next morning. At SwissBorg, the payment order was “pending” for a few hours” and was only carried out the next morning (around. 14 hours later) and after 2 hours later the money has arrived in my Commerzbank account.
In any case, it is important, that the bank account is set up in the same name, as the SwissBorg account.



Smart Yield (intelligent return) with SwissBorg

SwissBorg has been offering Smart Yield since the beginning of 2021 ,, currently at the in-house coin CHSB, the stable coin USDC and since the latest update (22.03.2021) also with Ethereum.
Here, a daily commission is credited for “” holding' the coin.

The Smart Yield percentage is added to your balance every 24 hours and used again for the next cycle, so you benefit from the compound interest effect.
Smart Yield can be used for deposits as low as 10€ ,, but each additional deposit is only added to the yield account every 24 hours.

For the Smart Yield test, I bought USDC for 100 Euro, the return is credited to me daily and was in the 16 Days of the investment +0,40 Euro. The fee for the transfer from Euro to USDC was 1€ (so exactly 1%). When buying the coins, SwissBorg automatically goes through the connected crypto exchanges to determine the lowest purchase rate. The stable coin USDC also had a small increase in value during the test period. In order to be able to understand everything, the screenshots are attached as evidence.



Fees at SwissBorg

During my research on the Internet, I came across many reports, that advertised low fees at SwissBorg. I cannot confirm these low fees, the trading fees of 1% are quite high compared to many other platforms. At many crypto exchanges, the trading fee amounts are between 0,1% up to 0,5%.
SwissBorg uses a liquidity pool for better and faster processing of purchases, the liquidity pool fees are 0,3% ,, but they are already included in the 1% fee of SwissBorg.
With a premium account the fees are unbeatable at 0% ..
The exact Overview of fees on the SwissBorg homepage (in case changes occur)



SwissBorg Premium Account

SwissBorg strongly promotes its premium program, which offers higher Smart Yield Bonus and 0% fees for trading. That sounds amazing, however, the premium account is limited to hold, , 50.000 CHSB tokens for 365 Days. This amount of coins corresponds to the time of the test period (March 2021) an equivalent of approx. 50.000 Euro. A very large sum, that only a few investors can afford and for the small “standard”” Investor is unreachable. Therefore, I will not go into more detail in my review, but the investment is of course worthwhile with a high trading volume.


SwissBorg Sign Up Bonus

During my test phase, I was looking for volunteers to check the sign-up bonus for new users.
Many wrote to me that this offer sounds like a pyramid system.
This is only partly true, many crypto services offer such bonuses and this is almost always the case with new offers. It is important that the service keeps what it promises.
SwissBorg offers new users a fairly high bonus between 1€ until 100€ in Bitcoin! This bonus is credited to the advertiser and the referred user. At first I thought the bonus was the same for both, however, my test person got 2€ and I received 6€ in bitcoin. It seems that the bonus is set in the low range of compensation and is determined by chance. If there are multiple registrations, I will state an average of the credits in my report.
After KYC and the first deposit of more than 50€ The bonus was credited to both of us directly in Bitcoin.
Registration to receive the bonus



SwissBorg reviews on various platforms

As soon as I invest money in any service, I always read and collect information about the service on the Internet, so also with SwissBorg. It is noticeable that some reviews mention the low fees, but I will leave these reviews aside, because I cannot confirm the low fees in this form.
On ICO rating page ICObench SwissBorg was examined by some experts and has a rating of 3.6 out of 5 on (March 2021).

On Trustpilot around. 550 reviewes have been submitted with an average rating from 4,1 out of 5 ..
The rating in the Apple and Android app stores is also 4,5 out of 5 stars in each case. At the AppStore with 134 and at the Playstore with just over 4.800 reviews.
Such portals should always be used with a certain amount of scepticism, but the comments and ratings are quite good everywhere and in general the service is great.

There are only a few negative reviews or entries on the net.



Negative aspects of SwissBorg

With every service there are negative aspects and you have to decide for yourself, how annoying these aspects are for you.

  • The already discussed fees of 1% I personally think it's quite high, for that I noticed positive in the test, that these fees correspond to the facts and that hidden fees are not added somewhere.
  • The SwissBorg Wealth App is actually only available as an app for IOS and Android, so it is not possible to use it as a desktop version. This also reflects the trend towards mobile use of all online services. The app itself is very easy to use even detailed information are offered, it's very clear to understand, this aspect should not be a nuisance.
  • The deposit options are quite limited with bank transfers and deposits via cryptocurrency and there is definitely room for improvement. For me personally, these two options are sufficient.
  • The use of SwissBorg is linked to a cell phone number.
  • The necessary withdrawal- or. deposit to the same account holder is somewhat annoying.
  • In my opinion, it is always very difficult for people who are not completely fluent in English, it is always very difficult to use for money investments. Use in different languages would be an advantage.


SwissBorg Community App

The SwissBorg Community App should definitely be mentioned briefly. In addition to the forecast competition, there is also an interesting daily Bitcoin analysis.
Briefly about the competition: this is completely free and you can estimate the Bitcoin rate for exactly 24 hours later, Win points. With these points you can move up the leaderboard and win a prize payout in Bitcoin. The first 20.0000 positions will be rewarded (so the chance of winning is quite high (As of March, approx. 240.000 User participate in the competition).
The daily Bitcoin analysis and the community trend are really interesting, see example pictures.
Registration for the SwissBorg Community App please use the following invitation code: XLRXZVY
Find detailed information within the screenshots, various trends are analyzed here and a brief technical analysis is offered. It is important to pay attention, that the community and the CyBorg forecast are only approx. 50% pointing in the right direction.



My experience with SwissBorg

compared to many other ways to buy cryptocurrencies, the SwissBorg Wealth App works extremely fast and it's very easy to use. The first steps are done quickly and are also suitable for beginners. With other exchanges, I personally had real difficulties in the beginning to find my way around, also because many have an oversupply of services and thus any mistakes can happen.

Buy coins, hold and then sell again, I will leave my currently stored money in the SwissBorg Wealth App and save it for new coins. I invest some parts of it in Smart Yield (CHSB & USDC) ., for that I receive a daily reward. With the stable coin USDC, no major increases in value are to be expected, but with a return of 10-20% it's ok for me, because no big crash is to be expected for that either.




check review on website: www.geld-help.info/en/crypto/crypto-trading-mit-swissborg


Register Link: https://join.swissborg.com/r/saschaDHXE


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