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By Geekcoin | geekcoin | 8 Dec 2021

When I first started out my crypto journey, I did not think much about tracking as I am only using a single exchange and I know how much fiat I put in eg, 5k so if my total is 7.5k I know at a glance that I've made a 50% profit. However, as I started going down the rabbit hole, there were so many interesting projects that I can't help to invest in and from a portfolio of 2 coins, it ballooned quickly to > 10 coins within 6 months. I also learned about staking and airdrops, and started to accumulate small but frequent fractional amount of coins that I am quickly losing track of so I decided to do something about it. 

Stage 1 - Google sheets

Like many others, I whipped out my trusted google sheet and started keying in each individual trade. It is tedious, but I don't mind doing it as I am almost looking at my screen daily anyway. But there was one key problem, it is a record, but not a live view of my portfolio as I still need to manually track and key in the prices of each individual coins

Stage 2 - Automated pricing

I managed to add automated price updates initially via google finance, but they took away crypto support after. I then resorted to scrapping website for the prices, but using this method - if the website changed some formatting, you have to redo your whole spreadsheet again which isn't the most efficient. The final version I had was to add an API to pull data directly from This worked well, but there is a cap on the number of pulls I can get for free from coinmarketcap and being the cheapskate I did not really want to pay for it so I went back to searching for another solution. 

Stage 3 - Moving it online

There are a few portfolio trackers online which I tried and really liked, as they help to automate largely what I was doing manually. It also helps that they have mobile apps that present the data nicely for your review on the go. 

  • Coingecko
    Tracks over 8,000 cryptocurrencies, supports 400+ exchanges, and aggregates millions of data daily. Comes with API support as well.  
  • Coinmarketcap
    Needs no introduction really. The go to website IMO for any coin information, their portfolio tracker is easy to use and accurate as well. 
  • Koinly
    My current choice. Reason for this is due to the fact it supports off exchange wallets eg Trust Wallet, Exodus as well as being able to link directly to some of the exchanges. All I have to do is click Sync. Alternatively I can just upload a CSV and its both fast and Free.
    Bonus: It does your taxes

Happy tracking!


Sites that I personally use and recommend

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