How to create NTF for FREE!

By Geekcoin | geekcoin | 3 Dec 2021

  1. Connect your ETH wallet with Opensea
    I used metamask which is embedded in the Brave browser. If you are setting up a new wallet, please remember to back up your recovery phrase and DO NOT SHARE them with anyone. 

  2. Create a collection 
    Click on your profile pic on the top right, and select My Collections. After that click Create a collection

  3. Set up the collection 
    Pick a name, descriptions etc for your collection. You can set up multiple collections eg one for photographs, one for artwork, another for collectibles etc. The Blockchain option is the MOST IMPORTANT. It is only free IF you chose the Polygon blockchain


  4. Create your NFT
    Once you have set up the collection, it is time to create your NFTs. Click on add items, and upload your creations, name it, give it a description etc.
  5. Go back to your collections, select the items to sell
    Here you can set the price, the number of copies you want to sell etc.
  6. Market your items, and hopefully you are the next minted millionaire! 

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