Tottenham in the ECL Final

By gduran | gduran | 9 May 2019


Another great afternoon of football, night in Europe I guess. A great game I really thought Tottenham had had it after that second goal, but somehow they were able to come back and score enough goals to make it to the Madrid final against Liverpool.

I think it was an even better game than the Liverpool-Barcelona yesterday, that game was more one sided this one was an open thriller from beginning to end, either of the two would have been a worthy winner, when Tottenham scored the final goal and the referee gave an additional minute I thought it was even possible for Ajax to tie but they couldn't.

Both teams played good attacking football and I know there are a lot of people who think Ajax screwed up, I don't think that happened I believe Tottenham just upped their game and were the recipients of the luck that many times stops good teams from making it all the way, because really when games like this happen it is up to luck, just look at that last goal, was it lousy defending by Ajax or great playing by Tottenham? Both sides will give their own point of view. To me it was that flash of good luck that the winners always seem to tap, those that make you think that a supernatural force is with you.

But anyway the game was great and amazingly both teams deserved to take the qualification, unfortunately only one can, so we have a Liverpool-Tottenham final, I am a Liverpool fan but I know neither one of the two teams will have it easy, I hope the best one in that game wins.

That is one English Premier League final, the Europa League could also give that same thing, but seeing how for the ECL both English teams started the last game as losers and came out on top, it could be that both Arsenal and Chelsea, both of whom are favorites end up losing. Well tomorrow we will know, but I think the season has been amazing in both cups and I am sure to watch both finals.

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