Is Crypto the Future?

By gduran | gduran | 10 Sep 2019

Is crypto ready for the real world? I would think it isn't, it is just to voluble, you can't use it as an exchange medium because the price fluctuates so much, in the morning you can buy a certain object with it and at night it doesn't cover what was bought. A business cannot work under these conditions so crypto can't be used for that medium just yet. Yes, many people have hit gold by selling something for some crypto and that crytpo shoots straight up and they make hundreds of times to what they initially thought they were selling for. But these cases are extreme and necessarily rare.

That is why stable coins were brought to life, a coin whose value is always the same and can be used without fear of changes in value, again the idea is good but apart from having it stable against say the USD which is not exactly a stable coin in itself, it does not solve the problem of crypto being voluble, if you buy say Dollar coin with x amount of BTC you could win or lose depending on BTC valuation, so stable coins are not an ideal solution.

I do believe in the near future and with the way the financial markets are going right now, electronic monetary systems will be the alternative, crypto is right now the testing ground for this, it might be that crypto as we know it now will face extraordinary changes to become the world's main exchange medium, not just BTC all crypto or at least the most favored ones, or it could be that new forms will come out like what Facebook is thinking of or maybe national coins like the Marshall Islands Sovereign Coin backed by governments, but that something like crypto will have a great influence in the future of commercial exchange is a given.

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