Bye Uptrennd

By gduran | gduran | 27 May 2021

Well Uptrennd will be dead at this month's end, apparently it will be merged with TRODL, I actually don't even know what TRODL is, but whatever liquid 1UP I have will be converted to TRO and I will be a member of TRODL automatically. I think they should have asked if I did want to become a TRODL member, but that doesn't really bother me. As well as I don't know how the new token will work, I have 12,000 1UPs so I guess I should get a few TRO for them.

Now, Uptrennd was an Ok platform, but I guess in the end it just became unsustainable, I personally got to level 20, which is a lot of 1UP to get there, cashed out 10,000 1UP for which I got $40.00, which is the worst crypto trade I ever made, just five days later 1UP price pumped and my $40.00 would have been $400.00, stupid me.

But anyway this Uptrennd collapse makes me see that crypto social networks are too tangled with offline and online events that can lead to there demise, so I guess I will put my eggs in more than two baskets and just try to work on more, in fact I have left my Publish0x inactive for a long time so I will come here some more, even though, to be honest I have somehow never gotten how to work here, maybe I am really just dumb.


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