Bitcoin and also Libra

By gduran | gduran | 21 Jun 2019

I think there were two major news items in the crypto world this week the first one was the Facebook Libra coin white paper. I have read a lot of speculative articles about this, most of them negative as can be expected as there is a tendency among crypto enthusiasts especially those on crypto social media to dislike Facebook, as is to be expected, too big, too mainstream, too willing to sell your private information, on this I really don't know what is such a big deal, do you actually give out information that could be used against you? Personally I do give out my name, my address, my cellphone and that is about it, all of that is already in my credit score here in Honduras and it is called Central de Riesgo, I never agreed on being there, at least Facebook asks me for it.


Anyway I think LIbra will be a big hit (also my zodiac sign is Libra so there you go), supposedly it will have 100 huge corporate backers so it will have a lot of money and a lot of people who already use the services these corporations provide, these two things practically guarantee it will be a hit, at least at the start. So why hate on it, if it happens it happens, probably another money making opportunity for a lot of people. 


The other news that I think is noteworthy is the way the price of Bitcoin is behaving, right now it is at a little over $9,700.00 and going up, this makes me happy for two reasons, I believe a lot of people are going to be making some good money and I hope many will solve problems that they thought were unsolvable and the other one is more personal I predicted Bitcoin at $10,000.00 before the month is over and I think I might be right, from now on I could be considered a BTC guru.


Sadly Steem is still stagnating, but I am hoping to see it go up to at least $0.50 before the month is over, if I hit that I will certainly have put my name among those who can predict the future.

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