Bad Times in Honduras

By gduran | gduran | 17 May 2019

We are having a very hard time around here, of course we have economic problems as always and I am talking about the whole country, as you know I live in Honduras, we have crime problems and emigration and a constant hike in the price of foods and utility bills and every day the government is thinking of new ways to tax the population.

But now we are having severe problems with the energy grid, we are having blackouts for between 4 to 8 hours daily and this is affecting a good part of the country, unfortunately I am in that part. Just last night I went out for some chicken at KFC, when we left it turns out there was a city wide blackout, it started at 9:00 pm and we didn't get the energy back until 02:00 am. Of course this meant I couldn't sleep, because even though I can't afford air conditioning I do have a fan which is essential to sleeping at night here, so I am kind of needing some sleep and do feel kind of mad.

To top this off we are also having water problems, this whole town has water rationing on a daily basis, we get water for a few hours then it is just stopped for a few hours then we get it back, and we are in the lucky part of town because other places here do without water for days. 

Now these two things are really essential, water and energy, and yet they are being withheld, to me the problem is that, well at least for energy, we have several Hydroelectric projects that are paralyzed because of the people who live in the areas where thay are to be built have put all kinds of legal and physical stops to these dams. This has been a very dangerous situation and several local leaders have been murdered because of this. No one knows who killed them, but I think everyone has a general idea of who did. So what I think is they are rationing energy so then they can say, see if we had the hydroelectric projects working you would have enough energy.

Today we are having a march at 5:00 pm to complain about this situation, I participated in several marches a couple of years back but actually the results are negligible. Let's face it the only way to fix these problems in this country is by actions that hurt the economic interests of the people who control the economy. Without having to resort to violence I think just by blockading the road from the port where oil is imported and have a shortage of oil for everything things would be fixed in a jiffy. It has happened before, when transport stops, the whole country stops.


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