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Trump and Larry Ellison's 'Big Data Plan' to Fight Coronavirus

By Opulent | Gateway - Health | 28 Apr 2020

Recently, Forbes published an article entitled. “Larry Ellison Reveals his Big Data Plan to Fight Coronavirus, in partnership with Trump White House.” While I won’t bore you with a complete rehash of the article I will save you the clickbait and create a more reasonable summation of the interview with Larry along with providing context and background behind him and his relevance.


The Reason this is necessary

The article boasts a 17 minute long read with several pictures but the vast majority of the article is not new information. It is; a) It is; a) Common background knowledge on Larry that is used by the author to pad out the word count. b) Irrelevant information on Larry used to shape a personal bias and opinion towards him, or c) Information detailing a concept that Larry is piloting on his private island, (that he is pivoting away from temporarily due to the outbreak) that isn’t relevant to the context of the article. The relevant and new content in the article is about 3 paragraphs in total.

Key Points

The meat of the article resides within the excerpts from Larry’s back and forth with Trump where the only key details regarding the plan are shared. The primary points which are presented within a summarized format here:

  • Trump and Ellison got into contact so they could converse over possible ways to combat the virus which would provide a solution that could tackle both the current situation and any future events of health crisis/pandemic


  • Trump chose to consult Ellison because Ellison actually has a 39 year long relationship with the various leaders and decision makers within the United States and has been and still is a figure of guidance regarding strategic direction.


  • The big plan is;

         1) Create a database for coronavirus cases within the United States

         2) COVID-19 cases that are facing treatment through medication shall be registered and tracked on the (Oracle built) database regarding their progress through daily progress reports, sent to either the Covid-19 Patient or the physician treating them


  • The ‘big plan’ is a quote of a quote from Larry’s conversation with Trump provided by David Agus, Ellison’s partner in this plan: “Larry said, ‘I will build you a system so doctors and patients can enter information, so we can know what’s happening’, The president said, ‘How much?’ And Larry said, ‘For free.’”


  • To conduct the plan, Ellison has gathered an unknown number of Oracle Engineers to work with the Food and Drug Administration, the National Institutes of Health and other undisclosed federal agencies, and Agus (Cancer Physician and Prof, as well as cofounder of Ellison’s “Sensei’)


Concluding statements

Though not blatantly stated. This points towards the US tossing their ‘hat in the ring’ towards a certain venture which Ellison and Agus are in fact attempting to tackle. First, to gather large swathes of data on patients and their conditions through this in order to use that data to further their goals of developing commercial personalized medicine. Second, to use that data to further enhance the health and lives of man by providing the tools to either lower the amount of effort man has to place into processes regarding maintaining a productive life or improving the standards of living of a productive man. Finally, to become the masters of our own mortality and to take on the next frontier after AI, which is to be able to understand and modify the data which makes up our genetic code and our physical and spiritual beings.


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