Venezuela bans mining in "public housing"

By Gamma | Gamma | 13 Sep 2020

Venezuela bans mining

Minister Ildemaro Villarroel said the ban was there to "promote" a responsible and moderate use of electricity....

It sounds like a bad joke, but it's not. It's real.


After having forbidden their citizens to use crypto-money by preventing them from connecting to platforms such as Coinbase, it is now the turn of the mining but this has a particularity because Indeed, the mining of crypto-money has always been legal but not in "public housing"


these are places which would be the housing provided by the was, it still raises questions when we know that the Venezuelan government seems to be in favor of Bitcoin for administrative services is thus proceeding with tests on its ability to accept Bitcoin as payment for the issuance of passports for citizens residing outside the country, but nothing goes in the direction of the local people who are slowed down by restrictive measures that prevent them from accessing is exchange services.

One could also compare the difference between a small amount of electricity used for mining and the devastation caused by the extraction of soil for a "scarce" resource.



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