PayPal finances a startup specialized in the taxation of crypto-currencies

PayPal finances a startup specialized in the taxation of crypto-currencies

By Gamma | Gamma | 11 Jan 2021

TaxBit has just received funding from PayPal, Coinbase  and twin brothers Winklevoss.

Declaring crypto-money profits is rarely the pleasure of the taxpayer. A declaration that can become more complex when the person has participated in an aidrops and made profits from yield farming or staking.


PayPal in the crypto-currency industry, among the investors can find the names of Coinbase Ventures and Winklevoss Capital.

PayPal plans to provide encrypted payments to 26 million merchants on its network. Users will be able to purchase products from merchants, but will not be able to send crypto-money to external addresses or services.


We can see the interest of large companies in seeking to obtain Bitcoin without buying it... They can all simply accept them and then keep them for themselves. Because in the article I could write more, users will not be able to get their "Bitcoin" out of the Paypal network because those if belong to the company and it will be enough for them to pay the people who receive crypto with their own profit.

Paypal to declare :

This investment will help us achieve our goal of becoming the most innovative and reliable provider of crypto-money charging technology.


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