DeFi: Ampleforth, Maker a great performance

DeFi: Ampleforth, Maker a great performance

By Gamma | Gamma | 10 Jan 2021


After the boom of the last few months, the decentralized finance tokens (DeFi) are now stagnating and the total value of the dollar locked in the DeFi protocol has not stopped growing for more than 10 days. In terms of Total Stranded Value (TVL), one of the indicators of the success of the DeFi platforms, the recent growth continues to deliver on these promises.


The growth of the Maker platform (MKR) has now become the first DeFi agreement to lock in a total value of $1 billion.

Maker is a platform that allows users to lock various digital assets as collateral to borrow stable decentralized DAI parts.


AMPL (Ampleforth) tokens were little known in the cryptographic community until recently, and in terms of market capitalization, they have now become one of the most valuable DeFi tokens.

According to the DeFi market value ranking, AMPL has the highest market value, excluding DAI, which is set on the compound lending and savings platform. However, according to Coinmarketcap's ranking, AMPL ranks second, just behind Chainlink (LINK), which was not included as a DeFi token on the previous ranking site.



Despite the gains and optimism surrounding the DeFi program, some industry players are beginning to worry that the field is too complicated to manage.


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