There is still support at $ 9200, after which we could see the btc rise again

There is still support at $ 9200, after which we could see the btc rise again

By HenryDo | CRYPTO CAPICAL | 6 Sep 2020


This everyone needs to understand and view the market objectively and choose the lightest way.

BTC dropped from 10,000 to 3,800 in 3 days, ETH from 320 $ to 80 $, after 3 months ETH reached 480 $ and BTC reached 12,000 and the trend will continue to increase strongly after this correction. .

The continuous altcoins x2, x3, x10, and x100 The market fluctuated continuously but the index still increased quite strongly. Compared to the previous session, the market has increased by more than 3 times.

What is the problem ???

The market doesn't always follow a steady path, it just needs to see the destination and wait for it to arrive. THEN they saw it and the market was moving in the direction we wanted. Why should we eliminate it?

There will be no strategy that will help us maximize 100% of the market's shadow, only need to see a position, see the point and see every movement.

Optimal is optimal, if not optimal, throw it back up in 2 weeks. Looking at the wave 1 week, 2 weeks and 1 month will see any time BTC can spike up so less fluctuations. There is no chance to swing at this time, want to swing the top and wait a few more months.

In case the market ends the wave, then surely the whole graph will retest the previous peak before ending.


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