The food giant Just Eat accepts payments in Bitcoin

The food giant Just Eat accepts payments in Bitcoin

By HenryDo | CRYPTO CAPICAL | 9 Sep 2020

Just Eat - one of the prominent names in the global food industry, recently announced the acceptance of electronic money.


Specifically, Just Eat online food order and transaction now allows customers in France to order food and pay with Bitcoin.

Currently, Just Eat only accepts Bitcoin payments in France, with other countries under review.

Just Eat delivers food from more than 15,000 restaurants in France and an estimated 26.3 million users worldwide in 2018.

Payments will be processed by crypto payment provider Bitpay. According to Just Eat, when customers choose to pay with Bitcoin, they will be redirected to Bitpay's payment gateway.

After that, the client's Bitcoin wallet will be opened and the payment request will be sent.

After the payment is successful, the customer will be transferred to the Just Eats website and their order will be sent directly to the restaurant.

Trusted, customers will not charge any fees when paying in Bitcoin.

If the Bitcoin payment is canceled, the customer will be refunded in euros and the money will be deposited into the client's bank account.

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