Gamefi Hunter Early Projects List 2

Another set of early projects. This is a quite good list tbh. Without further a do, meet;


Alaska Gold

Alaska Gold Rush is a blockchain game that empowers players to earn in-game tokens and NFT's while enjoying the game.

Haunted Space
 First Videogame that combines Singleplayer and P2E. Developed by AAA gaming Vets.
GigaSpace is a virtual space metaverse for newtypes(people who have reached a new stage of human evolution).
Astro Hounds is a metaverse experience that transports AR and VR into the world of NFT gaming with AAA quality.
My Meta Farm
The open-world farming game commits to becoming a high-quality metaverse game.
Dystoworld aims to provide its user with a geniune experience and enable them to climb the power ladder of a dystopian.
Metabot 2150
Mine, Fight, Create, Ally, Earn on Solana
Building in metaverse. Upgrade and strengthen the metabots.
An EPIC Metaverse #P2E MMORPG built on #BinanceSmartChain For players, art collectors, and #NFT traders




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Gamefi Hunter
Gamefi Hunter

Hunts for early hidden gems.

Gamefi Hunter Early Projects Lists
Gamefi Hunter Early Projects Lists

This where I will put the list of the projects

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