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Bitcoin :- Save yourself before sinking.

By useless_stark | Game Theory | 16 Jun 2021

When markets behave irrationally, a buying opportunity is born.....If the irrationality send stocks lower, not higher.

This is true for even crypto market, right now the bitcoin is going through a phase of correction, it is being fuelled by cynical and stupid money from the bull correctors. Within the start of the next quarter, the price of bitcoin might just reach it's peak. This is where the trouble is going to begin. By the end of Q3(mid) bitcoin will tend to have a stable flow. One must not get fooled by this.

We have seen this before, we must learn from the experiences of the past not to do foolish investments. There's always one constant in financial markets, especially large and highly unstable ones like the crypto market: stupidity. Right now, if you ask an average investor between the difference of a token and bitcoin, they might not be able to differentiate between the two. People who don't understand the market rely on advices of successful figures to make a quick buck.

Essentially, crypto is something that can be traded at multiples that are either too low or too high compared to their fundamental value at any time, regardless of where the economy is in its cycle. This is what an average investor thinks before investing. This stupidity in the market is gonna slap them hard. The herd of newbies has charged into the market at a time of incredible uncertainty. Hundreds of alt coins have come into the market, creating a buzz to the existing market.

We know that third quarter is going to look much, much uglier than the first, but anyone who thinks they know how ugly is trying to call the score of a mage before it's over and after the rules of the game have been completely changed. My opinion to my readers is simply this, be aware of the current trend, getting too emotional isn't going to help anyone here.

To get it right you need to have to understand your emotion to the correct extent and your biases. We are surrounded in this murky pool where one of the most opaque sentients have the ability to make the biggest waves. It's very stupid - people are going to drown.

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