Game of Coins: Chapter 1 (Gathering of Powers) v2

By Crypto Storyteller | Game of Coins | 28 May 2023

[Scene 2: In a private council chamber; the Lords of old royals were seated in round table discussing in worry over the new friendship the king was making with the foreigners of the west, prince Latero the king's son was seated with them and  carefully listened to their grievances even trying to calm them down as the discussion was escalating fueled by the previous statement of the king, Lord Proteis sat there observing as other Lords bicker, he was in deep thoughts, raining down silent glares towards the king's son who now rises up and commands all of them to be calm]

Prince Latero

"My Lords & Queen your grievances will be looked into, for now we must have faith in our brewed king; he has his ways" concludes Latero

"And what ways is that if I may ask boy ?" Lord Proteus asked

"By insulting us before those we rule or before his foreign guests as if we were nothing to him, arrogantly boasting of his powers"  he gradually rises from his seat

"Lord Proteis I be mindful of what you say" declared Latero

"Sit down boy, I could care less of your father's arrogant behaviors but I will not standby and watch him open the back door to the one we all fear"

"And you quickly forget that the same he dethroned and now seats on his throne broken, and now reigns our Blockchain ideals and faith that's spread across the east lands, and where were you all when he marched to it's gates and conquered it"

A douse of silence flowed around them in that chamber

"Be rest assured that he knows what his doing, and to you Lord Proteis don't forget your place, I know here and now that all are guilty of mingling with the iron institutions and merchants of the west through your kinsmen, how then do we define hypocrisy ?"

[Some were shocked, Lord Proteis felt weakened and sat down]

"So this charade of a complaint by the old royals is one of bemusement"

"What are you trying to tell us boy" Lord Proteis inquires

he lays his hands on the table and leans towards them

"Not to them but to you lord Proteis, you seek to grow your powers beyond where you shouldn't be thinking, don't forget the dire curse layed on you by my father"

"I am aware boy, now listen well non of us here desires the broken throne only your father is able to sit on that seat by power" [he paused]

"but not by right" [he gets up]

"Know this, the dire curse won't stop me from protecting our faith especially if your father's is a threat to it & our existence"

"Is that a threat ?"

"No boy it's the Ethereum house speaking"

[He leaves them; while they watched him, Latero looks at him in suspicion and deep thought]

To be Continued...

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