Work for! (17 jobs)

Work for! (17 jobs)

Want to work in the cryptocurrency world? Why not for As a reminder the company offers different possibilities in the world of cryptocurrency.

A wallet service that is very well designed.


A very efficient exchange.


And training opportunities for its users.


Currently, there are 17 jobs available at Here they are :





To find more details on job offers related to this company, you can visit this page. To discover the company you can visit their website.

Good luck!

Galaxie Crypto
Galaxie Crypto

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Galaxie Crypto (ENG)

This blog is the English version of my initial bolg. The visibility of my blog in French is very limited. My goal in this blog will be to popularize or condense information about cryptocurrencies. If I make mistakes in English, please help me improve! Let me know in the comments.

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