How to use Stablecoin to boost your profits?

How to use Stablecoin to boost your profits?

It is well known that Stablecoin are very useful simply because they are stable which gives them different utility. You may not have realized it yet, but you can use them every day to secure and maximize your profits by spanking trading.

This trick is still too little used and yet it is accessible and easy to understand. Let’s look at how it works together. Often, when bitcoin (any other cryptocurrency for that matter) increases, this increase is followed by a correction because of those who have placed sell orders or who decide to sell because price prices have increased. This always generates a drop that can be avoided thanks to Stablecoin. In a downtrend market, this tip is also very important to secure your portfolio.

If you have just generated a profit of 30% and you fear a correction of 7%, you can do nothing and finally, the value of your portfolio will have increased by 23%. Pity especially if I told you that you can quite keep your 30% increase in value. This tip requires a certain responsiveness and a general understanding of market price developments. Sometimes it’s quite easy, often it’s moderately complex and sometimes it’s surprising. If you use this trick, incorporate it into your investment strategy. Don’t you have an investment strategy? I hope you haven’t bought cryptocurrency yet. If so, take the time to think about what you’re waiting for.

How to do.

When prices are high, convert your cryptocurrencies into Stablecoin, when prices are low, convert your Stablecoin into cryptocurrency. Easy no? Not that much. Indeed, when the market is very dynamic, you have to be reactive and lucid. However, you can do this technique on general enough trends to begin to familiarize yourself with this method. Here is an example to understand what I am saying.


But how do you do it? Generally, you can convert directly from an exchange or on specialized platforms. Sometimes this option is directly accessible in your Wallet. Attention, you must absolutely see if the platform on which you make this manipulation requires fees on the conversion. There are many platforms that have very low fees but some steal from you. Take the time to make your comparisons!

Oh yes, I forgot, this method allows you to increase your earnings even when the market falls. All you have to do is take advantage of the market’s small elderberries to make your conversion. Be careful this method is more complex. Here are some stablecoin names if you are looking for one: Tether, USD coin, DAI, Binance USD, True USD, Paxos Standard, Neutrino, sUSD, Gemini Dollars and USDJ. That’s all I’ve told you, if you’ve never practiced this method, I recommend you try it with some of your capital, not all of it.

Good luck!

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