How do I earn passive income on Nexo? (+bonus $)

You have cryptocurrencies and you wait for the prices of your assets to explode? Don’t wait any longer and make your money grow thanks to Nexo (bonus link in the article and at the end of the article)!

Nexo what is it?

Nexo is a decentralized finance platform that allows you to borrow cash or crypto money or even lend your cryptos to get interest. The site is very easy to use and maybe understood by everyone. No need to be a financial genius to earn money on this site.

The platform was launched in 2018, when the site raised $51 million. It was a first success. But it’s only been 1 year since the platform became very popular thanks to continuous improvements on the platform. Recently, a credit card is available. Recently, Nexo has implemented various marketing campaigns. You’ve probably already seen the site’s ads on YouTube or Publish0x.

How do I register?

Go to Nexo! Here is my referral link to win $10 in bitcoin if you deposit $100 in cryptocurrency.

To create an account on Nexo, you simply need to enter your name and an email address. Afterwards, check this email address by clicking on the email that will be sent to you by Nexo. You don’t have to go any further to access the basic services of the app, however, if you want to use the Nexo credit card, you will need to have your identity verified. Once you connect to the site, in the settings you will find the different topics concerning the level of verification in the settings.



Before putting money on the platform, I invite you to go back into the settings and go into security and then add a second authentication factor.


As a safety aside, Nexo has $375,000,000 in insurance to cover the assets available on the site. But please always activate a second security factor to avoid being hacked.


How to earn passive income?

If you have cryptocurrencies, nothing is easier! You just need to finance your Nexo account. The first thing to do is to choose which cryptocurrency you will send to the site. Currently 17 cryptocurrencies are available, it is also necessary to add, 6 stablecoin and 3 fiat currencies. You can add more traditional currencies like the euro, the dollar or the pound sterling.


Once you have chosen your currency, click on the add button and a small window will open. The receiving address for the cryptocurrency you want to send to you is displayed.


Small warning:

Please note that Nexo does not support back-to-back pieces, which represent the coin value of another blockchain. Transferring this type of asset to your Nexo account will result in an irreversible loss. Always transfer native BTC/BCH assets, as well as the ERC-20 type of Ethereum blockchain assets

All you have to do is send your cryptocurrency with this address. Be careful, send the correct cryptocurrency to the correct address!

Once the cryptocurrency is sent, you should receive it within minutes of the transaction. Generally the duration of the transaction depends mainly on the currency and its blockchain but not so much on Nexo. Nexo processes receipts quickly.

As soon as the money is available, it is displayed on the site. You then need to know if you want to earn your interest in the cryptocurrency you have deposited or if you want to earn nexo token. To choose this option, go to your profile and then in the settings.


Nexo Token

The nexo tokens serve two purposes on the site:

Earn higher interest if you have enough Nexo token relative to the total value of your crypto portfolio. It also increases your line of credit and lowers credit rates.


Have a voting right on the platform (minimum 1 Nexo Token). Indeed recently, Nexo token holders can make decisions regarding the management of the site. A token = a vote. The votes are done via the platform.


And what about now?

Well, you just have to wait, your interest is paid every day, so you can withdraw your cryptocurrencies and interests without limitation!

As a reminder, here is my referral link, you will earn $10 BTC if you deposit on the site at least $100 in cryptocurrency!

Enjoy it!

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