Earn passive income with Just Mining (+$bonus)

Just Mining is a French company that offers different services that allow you to grow your cryptocurrencies. It is not a decentralized enterprise, but all the services it offers are decentralized.

Initially the company was created by Owen Simonin a young French entrepreneur. He is the creator of the most popular French-language channel on the subject of cryptocurrencies. The company is approved by the financial market authority (France) under number E2021-16.


Initially creating to offer cryptocurrency mining tools, the company is diversified and today also offers services of staking and decentralised lending.



Just Mining currently offers 26 cryptocurrencies. Annual returns range from 1% to 45%. The proposed cryptocurrencies are:


It is also possible to make staking Ethereum 2.0 and Elrond. However you will need to invest minimum amounts.





It is possible to make lending but only on stablecoins. Yields are currently 10%.




Very innovative, new investment opportunities in DOT are regularly possible thanks to the parachain mechanism. This possibility evolves regularly. You must therefore follow the updates on the site.




The company offers different mining possibilities. It is possible to buy Asic, do Gpu mining, cloud mining


It is also possible for teachers to get advice on the purchase of premises or mining farm.



There are also 11 masternode possibilities. Complete or shared masternodes.



The company also offers you various accessories related to cryptocurrencies.



Here is an exclusive bonus link! If you buy for at least 100€ excluding VAT of product on the site, you will receive a bonus of 8€.

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