The US has another record. Over a thousand dead a day
The US has another record. Over a thousand dead a day

By gainer | gainer | 4 Apr 2020

Over 245,000 people have been infected with coronavirus in the United States. Nearly 6,000 of the COVID-19s caused by the virus have succumbed. According to Johns Hopkins University, which monitors the spread of the virus, 1169 deaths were added from Wednesday to Thursday at 20:30 Washington time, the highest death rate per day in any coronavirus-affected country. In Italy and Spain, the second and third most affected country in the world, more than a thousand people have never died in 24 hours.

The United States has previously become the country with the largest number of infected people in the world.

US President Donald Trump, at a news conference, called for the seniors' homes to immediately ban the entry of non-medical personnel. Nursing homes should also create separate places for healthy and sick clients.

The president also announced that he had complied with the New York State request and would allow military health workers to take care of people infected with coronavirus in New York's field hospitals. Military hospitals will also be established in New Orleans, Louisiana and Dallas, Texas.

Dispute over veils

The mayor of New York's most afflicted, Bill de Blasio, urged residents to cover their noses and mouths in public to prevent further spread of coronavirus. According to him, people can use scarves, scarves or any home-made masks, but surgical masks should be left to healthcare professionals. The federal government is preparing a recommendation to cover the face, but experts have not yet agreed on its form.

Trump did not make a clear recommendation. He said earlier that covering his mouth and nose is not a "bad idea" for at least some time. "I don't think it will be mandatory," he added now. "If people want to wear them, they can," he said.

At a press conference, White House Crisis Staff member Deborah Birx said the US government is continuing to discuss whether to update federal recommendations to include a call to cover their mouths. According to her, Americans could wear a "false sense of protection" while wearing shawls, scarves, or drapes and stop keeping an eye on others and washing their hands.

In New York City, 52,000 people have already been infected with coronavirus. Nearly 1400, according to Johns Hopkins University, died of COVID-19.

White House adviser Peter Navarro told reporters that, as a lesson from the current crisis, the United States plans to produce much more medical products in its territory in the future. The crisis has shown how much the US is dependent on imports from abroad. Navarro cited penicillin or pulmonary ventilators as an example of imported goods

Trump was tested again, not infected

Trump also reported that he had been tested for a second time for coronavirus: "I think I was truly curious to see how fast it worked." The medical team used the test, which is available in less than fifteen minutes.

"He is healthy and asymptomatic," said Trump's doctor Sean Conley. The White House chief was tested for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in March. He did so after meeting Brazilian President Jair Bolsonar, whose team confirmed coronavirus infection.

Vice President Mike Pence said at the press conference that the White House is now preparing a plan to compensate US hospitals for losses caused by testing and care for uninsured patients with COVID-19. Direct payments are also being considered.

"We want no American to worry about testing or medical care," Pence said. According to him, Trump will provide more details on Friday. Without health insurance, there are about 30 million people in the US.



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