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After Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III is probably the longest-running game that has skipped platforms, constantly hoping to come out once, and players can only wait, play a remake and hope that the creators will finally keep their promise. Kingdom Hearts III is the culmination of a saga that many have started to play on PlayStation 2 in 2002 with a short Final Fantasy X trailer. Many haven't believed that it will eventually come out, they will have run out of twos in the spring for 13 years. false hopes (and sometimes they added a nice fragment) to the dream.

Kingdom Hearts III is a title that will move you to a large extent somewhere at the end of the PS2 generation. Identical gameplay from the first minutes, including the no-talk intro and the classic selection of character traits, strong assets and focus in the unfamiliar dimension of fans will delight and newcomers may not understand. The difference is the only one: during the selection, you can see the cracks of the past, which the experts quickly grab their hearts. It's hard to catch up on the storyline of previous parts, but Kingdom Hearts is trying to do it in five movies, which will refresh your memory for at least individual characters, key moments and especially the drawing of a bad guy. This is the difference from the last pair of major games where we met the central trio - but we revealed the origin of evil and did not know for many hours who we were fighting against. There was Maleficent or Pete, but this time you suspect that there is a big battle against Master Xehanort, who has benefited from your past games.

Hand in hand, give the Kingdom Hearts a terrible distance from the unit and it's totally smashed into pieces because of all the turns or side games. Gone is the original innocence and discovery of the worlds. Today, through several films and wikipedia, the player is trying to make a summary of the main game and half-dozen stories. Well, we're coughing up on details, let's remember what we can and get ready for a huge finale, where we measure our strengths with old friends and meet a lot of new characters.

It sounds like criticism, but it is worth playing, because, of course, you want to know how everything will end. This is an old good effect of the last part of the trilogy or final Harry Potter, where you long to come and understand everything. Kingdom Hearts III carries this promise from the beginning - but it remains tangled. It is not very good that your main storyline saves up to the last third of the big event. It is still Kingdom Hearts, which will answer some of the questions and sketch out new trails. Two thirds are filled with storylines about how Sora has lost strength and has to find it or to experience other stories in different worlds. A grandiose finale full of animations (places too much) will please those who have spent a dozen years with the games and want to learn something, but will not fill those who want absolute closure. There are still a lot of scenes that serve mainly for the effect: a masked hero or hooded guy (or a member of the Organization XIII or just a fan?) Will appear, blowing two-three sentences and then teleporting away. It sounds stylish, it has a pinch of tension and something promises, but few will know what. Probably also during the second game.


World visits are not the same, which is a big plus. Just like in the unit, you will be watching some of the famous story line and repetition of the movie (In the Hair, Ice Kingdom), while you will get an extra portion of the story elsewhere (Monsters, s.r.o, Toy Story, Big Hero 6). The episode of performing other characters in the worlds (Maleficent and Pete blinks here and there) reminds us a little bit of the twisting plans, but otherwise the worlds will have their problems and some are quite magical - such as the opening world where Hades is trying to make the perfect planetary boom induce titans and reconcile Zeus with earth.

Another plus in the world comes at the moment of ideal length: a few hours are usually enough for meetings, telling a story, performing a few tasks and again going to the next. This concept is still not evolving, though you may often find Goofy and Donald putting somewhat strong in the dialogues (everyone has a role - one makes funny stupid and quack, the other moves the group forward), the game is easy, which is good in the present case of fatal of dark games. Illuminated worlds are balm for the soul and many are pleased to discover. But lovers of dramatic (cliché) and finale will find their way in the last hours, where the game is growing again and masterpieces need to be spoiled at the right time. If you are familiar with the unit, you will feel like it was in 2002. Other worlds are skillfully installed in Kingdom Hearts, but their own dramatic line saves for their locations to peak in unexpected places.

However, the choice of worlds is excellent and although I doubted individual trailers, they are perfectly composed. Most of them are new and draw mainly from Pixar and contemporary Disney mania. There's a Story of Toys, Little Monsters, Hairy, Ice Kingdom, Big Hero 6, which are great extensions. Finally, we have the opportunity to discover Olympus in full beauty and not only fight in the Coliseum. And the Caribbean is unexpectedly opening up to several islands where we can find different secrets. It is gratifying that the worlds are finally reaching a larger area and still have something to discover compared to the concentrated passages in KH II. Paths, secrets, fragile smashing parts - a new generation of consoles will open more than just a few closed places. This is a signal that we have moved a little further, although the gameplay itself is not changing. You can go back to the worlds to look for additional items, but there's no need to experience forced repeated visits like in the two. There's a beautiful corona kingdom that seems to be just another forest world, but it has an incredible charm. And even Arendelle of the Ice Kingdom has a better touch than just the normal winter world of RPGs.

Part of the players may say that the worlds are less than in the first two parts or that the authors could still return to more so that KH III would act as a defile of all sites. On the other hand, the choice with larger worlds and lower numbers without forced returns is better. It rarely happens that you are in the world for a few hours and get bored - with less boss or new ideas, KH III is able to stick to the slogan and the part of the players is still waiting for a huge finish with old acquaintances and they are not interested in Disney worlds so it will be sooner. You take the worlds in the first round to go through the story and eventually return to find all the boxes and especially the Mickey's ears. A 100-acre forest is traditionally a place for diverse minigames and a breath of intense action.

The worlds' very design and design allow for many possibilities. Right away, the first world where Hades sent his anger and fire to Thebes invites you to use Goofy's shield to move quickly over the fire passages. It is an attraction where the shield runs and you try to navigate it to different sides. You will arrive in a safe place, give a few fights and you can step back on the shield and drive away. The Olympus itself has blue rails that can be climbed - the possibilities of movement are varied. The Caribbean also got very good work, breathing in the atmosphere of the open world, when you are traveling to the islands or places to pick up or implement. No grumbling that the world is made up of 10 screens ...


It is even more engaging to pick objects from different corners in the world. You can fully focus on the chests and be sure to remember these happy emblems. Depending on the level of difficulty, 30 in heavy mode, 60 in normal and up to 90 in beginner should be collected. This is quite a difficult choice: do you want to easily go through the game and you will look all? Or do you try a medium-sized medium and satisfy normal with 5 dozen emblems? Some of them have already managed to say that KH III is a fairly easy game, but I personally had a few moments when I turned on normal and not barefoot like in some moments when the game threw me a time limit or a challenge in jumping to different platforms .

The dueling system was based on a bunch of possibilities. From the beginning it is quite intuitive and KH is played as once - jumping, sword swinging and combos are at hand. You can fight with swords (you can even switch through the directional button and each Keyblade has different options), magic is missing (multiplied as in Final Fantasy to higher levels), help with objects and come back to evoked creatures. What is crucial, the more you are in action, the more you get special effects - you only have some time to activate and use them. This is how great possibilities - stronger strikes, surface destruction, Hercules blows you up and you hit down like in a comic ... Donald's spells get better, Goofy shakes a dozen Heartless at once ... Can you call a carousel and get more and more faster turning to reflect enemies. A pirate ship is coming to you, touching and destroying enemies with every swing, until its voyage ends with a huge hit. The effects are uncomfortable here, it is quite possible that you will not try all of them during one play, or you will learn some and use favorites. With a powerful engine, the game is far from sweaty and looks really luxurious - this is the next-gen as it goes, PS2 times are gone!

Although you only control Sora (Riku is in the divisions), you can still rely on friends at the right moment. Donald treats you when the health indicator is already flashing alarmingly, Goofy overtakes Heartless Shield or Bakula. When the episode guys from home worlds join, few beat you. Yet there is a lot to fight for, because the forces play and, in parallel, play so many news and forms, Shotlocks or other "serpets" from past episodes that support the dynamics and spectacular fights. Once again, you are scrolling through the menus, again adapted to the number of APs, which in turn increase the items, so the chaser keeps getting better and more entertaining.

There is enough side activity in the game. There are minigames in a 100-acre forest, you cook with Remy, you make a selfie and you don't miss Gummi Ship. Aircraft arcade minigame has changed dramatically. Instead of the original a la Novastorm linear shooter, where you dealt with cannons more, you are now focusing on exploring the larger universe around you. The activity is solved through key points: a shootout takes place somewhere, elsewhere you fly around a strange object hiding treasure. There is a lot of objects, airplanes and scrap in the universe, but it's definitely colorful, vibrant and has accelerated passages to make the new world better. The only tiny minus is initially cumbersome to control - you need to get used to rocket. If the rest of the game acts as a proven classic, Gummi Ship has seen the biggest rework.

The excellent news for the original fans is that the authors use the power of the new consoles to the fullest and feel it with the resolution and overall graphics quality. This is no longer the old PS2 parts, nor the solid remakes, but the new game where the world design has worked from the beginning - making it bigger, more detailed, reaching the heights and allowing spectacular moments like running on the wall against the titanium You throws the rubble or beautiful moments out of the tower with a princess or funny interclass with Olaf as a movie. Especially San Fransokyo is a favorite for its superb atmosphere and bizarre characters. The story of toys is striving for square stylization, and Pirates of the Caribbean would like to be as fictional as possible, which is perhaps the biggest challenge. In principle, if a video game wants to resemble a CGI fairy tale, it has the advantage - if the players have different expectations, they are more likely to fulfill.


The music page offers multiple gems. Thematic music from past parts and new fairy tales has been skillfully smuggled here and Yoko Shimomura is delighted with her. In addition, the excellent subtlety is complemented by two songs by Hikaru Utada. Face My Fears has been remixed by Skrillex, an unbelievably vicious 17-year shift - it doesn't have to sit down, but in a way it whips your expectations to the intro. The second song, Don’t Think Twice, is more peaceful and rather fits into the color of the series. The top news for dubbing lovers is that in addition to the scenes, smaller dialogues or replicas of smaller characters are spoken of, alive, professional, and testify that they have not been spared. This is also true for the selection of actors, where a strong bunch came together, where many repeat the voices of their characters from the movies: James Woods as Hades, a full band from the Ice Kingdom (Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad) and Zachary Levi for Na thread. Too bad Billy Crystal and Tom Hanks didn't arrive - The story of the toys and the Monsters are pre-sold. Nevertheless - a top home cinema affair, where volume needs to be shifted to the right of the way ... And Haley Joel Osment, who has grown older with the character, remains a good fit.

Kingdom Hearts III is a great action game that brings us to new worlds with proven gameplay. It extends the story, adds new factions to it - but one of the possible downsides is that it still won't make it whole. Moreover, he is so fragmented that the sense of coherent narration has disappeared from the authors. There is some disappointment in that regard that what we have been waiting for for 17 years will not come true anyway. It is a pity that, just as the game is easy to play and you fall for her spell to the full, then he is not able to please the player's heart in the direction of investing in it and she will not refuse him to the full. In doing so, the guys from Japan know how to end the stories (Yakuza 6) beautifully. But the fact that they will eventually wring your emotions and end one era is guaranteed, so fans should definitely not hesitate.

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