China rejects independent international investigation into the origin of coronavirus. This raises suspicions

By gainer | gainer | 26 Apr 2020

The Chinese have a hard time accepting that the world, or at least part of it, is giving them responsibility for the fact that COVID-19 has emerged right next to them and from there has spread uncontrollably across borders. This undermines the current line of Chinese propaganda, which diverts attention from the failure at the beginning of the epidemic and from the fact that the data coming from China is questionable.

Chen Wen, a top Chinese diplomat in the UK, told the BBC that demands for such an investigation were politically motivated and diverted attention from China's fight against the pandemic.

Information on the origin of COVID-19 and how it began to spread would help other countries address the challenges posed by the disease.

So far, the virus is thought to have appeared in a wildlife market in Wuhan last November.

The European Union report already accuses China of spreading disinformation about the crisis. The European External Action Service (an autonomous EU organization serving as its diplomatic corps at supranational level) states that Russia and, to a lesser extent, China are creating "targeted plot stories" in the European Union and neighboring countries.

US President Donald Trump, after initially praising himself for cooperating well with China, is now repeatedly attacking her for her behavior, and the state of Missouri has even sued the Chinese government, accusing her of doing little to stop the virus from spreading.

State Department telegrams show that embassy officials in Beijing had previously feared biosecurity in a virus lab in Wuhan, China, the same city where the disease first appeared, according to available sources.

President Trump said the US government was dealing with unverified reports that the virus had just leaked from the laboratory.

The Washington Post reported on diplomatic dispatches. According to the article, in 2018, American diplomats-scientists were sent on repeated visits to this Chinese research facility. Officials then sent two warnings about insufficient safety in the laboratory to Washington.

The article states that staff at the Wuchan Institute of Virology (WIV) feared weaknesses in safety and management and called for further help.

They also say diplomats were concerned that research in the lab about coronavirus in bats could mean a new SARS-like pandemic.

China has fallen into a trap because it would gain confidence through openness. But if it were open, it would be clear how the Beijing regime had damaged things from the beginning by concealing and persecuting the people who reported the problem. So he tries to improve his image by further lying and fogging, which a reasonable person will see. The result is the same: no one trusts China. But the effects are worse because it complicates the fight against the disease. In the end, the world will cope without China, but with unnecessary loss of people and disruption of society. But carp in Beijing do not want to drain their own pond. Instead, they will probably try to use the situation not only propagandistically, but also economically.

There are fears that the Chinese could now buy cheap businesses in the West that do not survive the current economic downturn caused by closed borders and quarantines around the world. It is quite challenging to fight not only with the virus, but also with the more or less hidden Chinese ambitions. But if we do not want to wake up once as employees of the Chinese communist regime or as its helpless opponents, we have no choice.


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