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4 Coins/Tokens that maybe worth looking into...

By ꜩ_JustGaddy_ꜩ | Gaddy | 22 Apr 2020

     These Tokens/Coins are all either in their infancy or have been here awhile. Tell me down below what is your favorite! Lastly if you havent heard of these Tokens/Coins Down below there will be reference links to each respective app. 

Number 1: Sweatcoin                               Sweatcoin Logo

   Sweatcoin is a app that is downloadable on the Google Play store and App store for Iphones, This App/Coin goal is to have people become more active. Hinting to one of their core messages "It pays to walk". I have had the app for quite awhile. Hoping the app creators would make the currency go live and active on a exchange like but it seems that they have other plans. The coin has a sorta weird flex it has...One of the only coins in the world to have a Ebay market. Average price per coin is around 0.01, Which is a increase because around a year ago the coin was worth around 0.0025 So it took you awhile to accrue much value. But besides the side market it boldly flexes, Sweatcoin has a quite an impressive app. They have a fully functioning wallet system and you are able to send and receive funds from other Sweatcoin users. Additionally with their wallet system they have a pretty unique store that partners of Sweatcoin can advertise and sell their goods on their app this could be discounts or rewards. Recently I had redeemed a discount for Postmates and got 110.00 off all shipping and handling with my next orders on the postmates app. Another cool feature this app has that I feel really outdoes themselves is, that you can use your hard earned coins to buy their memberships. Which in turn helps you unlock more Sweatcoin! Besides that this app has a portion of their store dedicated to donations and charity events which is something That just shows how caring and supportive the Sweatcoin community is. Sweatcoin is slowly adding new features, like indoor steps. This was a update that the Sweatcoin community has been aching and crying for, for awhile. They just added exercises tab, due to recent events alot of people are staying indoors. So Sweatcoin took advantage of this and made sure people did not have the excuse not to be active.  Overall this app has alot of potential and is overall one of my favorite apps to play with. I am hoping they add Sweatcoin to exchanges and make this coin become a potential contender to some of the biggest names.

My Sweatcoin stats at the time of writing this are...

Total Steps Converted: 3.9 Million
Average per day: 17,234 (Steps) 
Been a member of Sweatcoin since November 28th 2018
annnnnd I have 5 Followers and I have the Breaker Membership.

If you are interested in finding out more about Sweatcoin here is my Reference link 

Number 2: Lifecoin                              Lifecoin Logo
     Lifecoin is a very interesting project, it honestly is buried under Litecoin due to its similar looking name and Sweatcoin due to their similar goals, coin, and their store. Something Lifecoin does better than Sweatcoin at is their stores content. By this I mean what products they carry, Unlike Sweatcoin. Lifecoin has the Apple Airpods Pro, Gift Cards to places like Adidas, Ebay and much much more. Lifecoin is in my opinion alot harder to use, because they are alot more picker on how you use the app. So there is times you wont have the app open and they wont sync your steps to their app. They currently do not support  indoor steps, which is a shame. However they do support Apple health (Sorry Samsung) So you can hook up your Apple health and maybe have those steps converted to Lifecoin. Lifecoin also has a Wallet system which allows all Lifecoin users to send and receive funds from each other. Which is super cool to see in this app. One thing that makes Lifecoin a even cooler app is if your place of employment supports a "Employee Wellness Program" you can set that up to possibly earn even more rewards! This app and coin doesnt have a huge following considering their competition. So alot of their updates are slower, Community feedback is alot more scarce. Unfotunately I wasnt able to pull up my stats....
but I have had the app for awhile now...Maybe a year now? With that being said, I Have accrued around 1000.00 Lifecoin. Granted with their daily coin cap set to 5 coins a day and a "Premium Membership" Which cost 3.33 a month You can only earn so much coin a day. Which I feel is a huge downside to using this app. Is the amount one can earn. Besides that this app and coin isnt that bad. It does have alot of work to do if it wants to seriously take Sweatcoin on. 

Here is my reference link if you are interested in checking out Lifecoin.

Number 3: Mobilio                                    Mobilio Logo

      Mobilio Is a Newer Cryptocurrency that aims to create safe driving habits. The main goal is to stay distracted free while driving. So far This app has very few features but the developers are working hard to make this app have a marketplace and a wallet like system. This app is one I am constantly watching for new updates and their long waited Marketplace. Sadly I also cant pull up my stats on here and I also cant report much about this coin and app since its so new and it is very basic. Besides that I cant wait to see what the future holds for Mobilio. 

My reference code is.... 2da87w

Number 4: PI Network                               Pi Network

    The Pi Network Is probably the most known out of this list. Most likely you have been in a chat and someone randomly spammed the invite link in your chat to this app. The Pi Network is interesting, I do not know to much but I will say that how they use the POW consensus model is pretty neat. 
I like how it doesnt take up power on your mobile device, and that they just recently released their Node on pc. Pi is seeing alot of growth quickly, seeing how to get more pi requires you to strengthen your "Security Circle" by inviting people to the Pi Network. For some Ungodly reason that made me think of Security Blanket......But Back to the chase. This app is sorta like Mobilio and is relatively new from my understanding and from what I heard they will make it so that you can convert you pi to ETH or BTC in the Future....However thats hearsay. But this app/token I feel has a really big community and I feel that this project is going to hit mainstream soon, Because the community is so persistant on inviting everyone and their Grandma Third Removed.
Besides that This app is really basic. You can only really mine the coin and HODL and read the Whitepaper and thats really it. 
but out of all of the apps/coins I have mentioned in this article this one has the most potential for future fame. Side note with this app one thing I thought was interesting is you can ping inactive miners to start mining. Which is funny cause if you have friends who are interested in this you could potentially harass them. With spamming them with pings from your mining group.

If for some reason you are interested in the PI Network here is my link... and use my username (WKCGADDY) as your invitation code. 

I personally want to thank everyone who read this! Means alot, also if you have any tips, comments or things I did wrong please tell me! 
Got any ideas what I should cover? Post them below! I think my next blog will be my top 5 Favorite coins. Not those lame ones where its like "I like Bitcoin cause its Bitcoin....Now give me a tip cause I made a article".  Thanks again for all of the support and ill see you soon!

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