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Beware of StakedWallet

By gabe | Gabe's Crypto News | 21 Apr 2020

I've seen many people promoting this wallet on Publish0x and many other Cryptocurrency related sites and I myself was always wary of it but optimistic that something like this was possible. If you don't know, StakedWallet is a cryptocurrency wallet promising to share their profits with you earning you up to 1.5% DAILY. Obviously this sounds fucking great since something like tezos nets you only 6% per year. Well turns out this probably is too good to be true, and I'll tell you why.

Back in 2018 a crypto site promised up to 1% daily by investing your cryptocurrency into real estate. This website turned out to be a complete scam and lots of people lots the crypto they deposited into this site. You can see a screenshot of the site here:

The landing page of Westland Storage. Source: Medium

Image source

Not only does the site look almost exactly like, it also had the same bounty and currency system StakedWallet has. StakedWallet offers its currency, called SWL, in exchange for doing things like sharing the app, or depositing your first cryptocurrency. Westland Storage had these exact same bounties and their currency was called WLS. 

In conclusion, be extremely wary of these new crypto sites promising too good to be true returns. Scams are very commonplace in the crypto world and it would suck for you to be one of their victims. 


Thanks to Jan Kowalski on medium for first discovering this. Be sure to check out his article as he goes into a little more detail.


This was my first post so hopefully it wasn't too bad :P. Just wanted to warn some of you guys of this site.


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