Furucombo: Earn from this Questionnaire!

By Blazarius120 | FurucomboPlatform | 22 Mar 2022

Furucombo is asking users of DeFi for help with a questionnaire!

Once you submit the form, you can earn:

  • 50 Furucombo points
  • A lucky draw ticket
    • We'll randomly choose 3 submitters for a #giveaway of 20 $MATIC each on Mar 30th!!
  • Join us on our Discord, and let Blazar know you've filled out the questionnaire for another additional secret prize

Fill out the questionnaire now!

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Furucombo is a drag & drop tool that allows users to build and customize different DeFi combinations (‘combos’ or ‘cubes’). These combos/cubes represent multiple protocol actions bundled into one transaction executed by Furucombo. As one of the most comprehensive DeFi aggregators, Furucombo connects different DeFi protocols such as Uniswap, Compound, and Aave in one place. Its lego-like interface simplifies the complexity in DeFi, allowing many lay-man users to reap the benefits of DeFi using Furucombo.

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