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By Furucombo | Furucombo | 30 Dec 2020




  • Furucombo has grown tremendously in a mere nine months, becoming a DeFi portal.
  • Furucombo V2 will focus on bringing builders, strategists, and normies together, unleashing its full potential of a super-aggregator.
  • COMBO Tokens holders are incentivized to share fees collected on Furucombo, participate in governance, and enjoy premium features.

More than half of the total COMBO token supply will be distributed to the community.


Furucombo Quick Recap

It was a mere nine months ago that Furucombo was launched in March 2020, which initially supported only Uniswap V1 swapping and Compound supply features. Back then, it was unclear where DeFi was heading but we were determined to keep building under the most unfavorable conditions, bear market, no fundings, low tractions, etc. The hard work we’ve put together before the DeFi summer has laid the foundation of what we have achieved today. We are very proud and grateful to share with you that as of December 2020, Furucombo has

  • 📈 captured a total of over $170 million in trading volume;
  • 👤 onboarded 7,800+ users;
  • 💡 inspired ~800 strategies;
  • 🛠️ implemented from two cubes to 40+ cubes;
  • 🔥 supported eleven DeFi protocols which facilitate 90+% of entire DeFi TVL;
  • 🥇 been the only user interface supporting flashloan.

What we have achieved is to empower the degens to create strategies for themselves, including but not limited to flashloan arbitrage and portfolio management on Ethereum.

The achievements show how much activities Furucombo is able to help generate for the DeFi space. Our role has gradually shifted from a transaction batching tool to a DeFi portal, aggregating the majority of protocols to the masses.  


Furucombo V2

Furucombo’s growth does not stop here. We have much a bigger plan coming. Our next step is to bring you Furucombo V2, where we will expand the product in three aspects:

  1. onboard more builders and protocols to maximize capital efficiency;
  2. integrate cross-chain solutions to tackle the segmentation issue;
  3. launch pool combo system to let degens become a fund manager to maximize the profit as a whole.

As we shared our vision in “The Road to Becoming a Super-Aggregator” article, our pathway towards super-aggregator is very clear — an optimal ecosystem operating multi-sided markets with builders and users. The last piece of the puzzle would be the key to connect the dots into a self-sustainable ecosystem. That is the reason why we introduce you — COMBO Token.

COMBO Token Utility

The mission of COMBO is to make the Furucombo V2 ecosystem stronger. As in a multi-sided market, it’s crucial to have every party share the same goal to make 1+1 > 2. COMBO is the key to making that happen.

Below we breakdown COMBO token’s utility to share more details on how COMBO holders can be part of the tokenomics to share the interest.

1. Fee Sharing

In case you don’t know, Furucombo does not charge any fee from users. The entire platform is free. No hidden fees. However, to keep the platform running, Furucombo will start charging fees sometime in 2021. There will be various revenue sources for Furucombo, as a COMBO holder, you will be able to have a share of:

  • fees collected from using Furucombo;
  • tokens rewarded to Furucombo contracts, such as BAL, UNI, SNX, etc;
  • fee rebates received from protocols, such as the partnership with Aave, Synthetix’s volume program, etc.

2. Governance Participation

Underpinning Furucombo ecosystem will be the governance participated by the community. Especially in the coming year, Furucombo has a comprehensive roadmap planned ahead of us. Big releases are coming every quarter. COMBO tokens will later be used to govern Furucombo. Features include proposing, voting, and deciding on the followings:

  • List new cubes integration;
  • Delist current cubes;
  • New partnership;
  • Distribute community reserved tokens;
  • Grants given to combo creators, developers, etc.

3. Unlock Premium Features

Furucombo will continue shipping new features and integrations in 2021. We are particularly excited about some huge features that will provide a robust experience. These killing features will be only accessible with the use of COMBO.

In short, Furucombo V2 is owned and shared by the COMBO holders, and the core development team will make sure the transition of ownership is smooth and steady.


  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 COMBO tokens
  • 26,000,000 for Core Team & Future Hire (vested)
  • 2,500,000 for Advisors (vested)
  • 19,500,000 for Investors & Shareholders (vested)
  • 52,000,000 for Community Growth

The long term success of Furucombo lies in the hands of the community. With that in mind, we’re committed to never stop giving back. We allocate the majority of COMBO token supply for the community, which will gradually be distributed to Furucombo users. Eventually, it will be COMBO holders’ call to decide how we distribute the tokens.

The core development team is committed to the long-term success of Furucombo with a 48-month vesting plan (10-month cliff, linear vested). The portion of advisors, investors, and shareholders are also vested for 48-month with a 10-month cliff, 15-month with a 3-month cliff, 15-month with a 3-month cliff, respectively.


The allocation of COMBO ensures stable development and maintenance of Furucombo while allowing the community to lead Furucombo’s governance. The launch of COMBO Token represents a tremendous milestone for Furucombo and DeFi. It demonstrates the maturity of our product and our determination of becoming a super aggregator. We believe that a community-driven product would open up a world of infinite possibilities and we’re absolutely excited to explore the next chapter of Furucombo with you all.

📮 Official COMBO Address: 0xfFffFffF2ba8F66D4e51811C5190992176930278



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Furucombo is built for end-users to optimize their DeFi strategy simply by drag and drop. It visualizes complex DeFi protocols into cubes. Users setup inputs/outputs and the order of the cubes, then Furucombo bundles all the cubes into one transaction and sends out.

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