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Tips, hints, and helpful tricks for the new play to earn game, funmanbobyjo

By funmanbobyjo | funmangalaxy | 4 Feb 2022

Links to Dive in:

- Hourly Claim for the Poor: LINK HERE 
- Daily Tavern Fights in the Funlands Metaverse: LINK HERE 
- Buy Funman Assets on secondary market: LINK HERE
- Talk to the Creator on Telegram (@toadshaman): LINK HERE 

What is funmanbobyjo?

Funman, or funmanbobyjo, is a play to earn NFT airdrop game, with much more. Earn DUST token by chatting and stake NFTs to enter into special dungeons and risk it all in LIVE EVENTs in Koocunoop Village on Telegram, enter the scorching hot lava mines in the Kullzian Volcano on Discord, or enter the Funlands, which is the new, fast growing artistic metaverse, with limited shops that come out every month, for players to own and earn 50% of WAX sales from their shop, or sell it to other players. There are links throughout the metaverse, which lead directly to certain nefty drops, many of which are only less than 0.2 WAX which is about 10 cents each. These drops are packs which can be purchased, and opened for a chance at rare NFTs or simply just sold to other players who want an extra chance at that drop. These NFTs are simply just tradable, in-game items that have utility within the game, such as being required for a blend, passive airdrop, or required in order to claim certain drops on neftyblocks.

Explore the above links to have some fun and start your adventure, or keep reading to know exactly how to come out on top as an investor in funmanbobyjo and not just a player.


(If you already have questions at this point or you do not own a Wax Cloud Wallet, join Telegram and contact @toadshaman for personal, guided help in getting started. Then come back and re-read this article. )



Understanding Tokenomics

First, it is important to full understand the tokenomics behind this game before you buy in. Funman's mission is to give the power to the players, allowing them to earn money by building up a supply of NFTs with various use and purpose. Certain NFTs are scarce and the demand is high, so that players can blend limited trophies. These rare trophies have various uses, usually earning more rare NFTs. There is a number of ways you can earn money in the form of WAX or other cryptocurrencies by earning limited and exclusive NFTs in funmanbobyjo drops and events. For example, some items are limited to a set number of copies, and these rare items are the only way to earn certain exclusive blending materials under the schema supplyfunman. There are base level NFTs which can be earned from lower level packs such as '( 1 ) Wanderer's Chest' which can be earned weekly on Fridays when you simply hold a 'Wanderer' NFT in you wallet. Then there are also higher level passive rewards such as the 'Explorer' asset, which earns the 'Explorer's Chest' NFT each week, which is a pack of 3 NFTs with better odds then the Wanderer's weekly pack. This is the best way to earn, because it is passive. Just sit back and earn when you hold assets like Wanderer, Seeker, Explorer, Captain Space Frog, Gnome Tramp, Interdimensional Genie, and more!

So what are all of the ways to earn by playing this game?

- Hold NFT Airdrop Targets to earn Passively (List of Airdrop Target Assets)

- Hold NFTs that whitelist your account to claim daily, weekly, or hourly drops, such as the 'Mysterious Sparkle Wand'

- Own a shop in the Funlands Metaverse and earn 50% of all sales passively

- Buy Assets on Auction and sell for more once all of the copies are minted

- Claim Hourly Poor Man's Searching Pack to work your way towards owning rare NFTs and early mints for new blends which come out monthly

- Buy supply coins for cheap from other players and blend limited drop targets or raffle tickets for events

- Earn NFTs on Discord when you hold the 'Explorer' or the 'Elven Beast Tamer'

- Earn NFTs on Telegram by completing Quests and by stumbling upon dungeons in LIVE EVENTS which are special events that often require a FUNMAN balloon or another NFT to enter. This is the most time intensive way to play, but the best way to earn rare NFTs fast!

- Earn DUST by chatting in the telegram when you sync your wax wallet address with the dust bot there ( for example: /sync azkb.wam )
- Join other projects to funman NFTs through partner events such as Torum (Earn XTM Daily) or Galactic123

Now what the poor have been waiting for...

How to play funmanbobyjo for under $1


 To play for under $1, simply just claim the Poor Man's Searching pack hourly, and open the packs. Then you can sell items to other players to earn a very small amount of WAX, or try to blend Small Fires and go fishing for a chance at more rare items.

Once you have gotten 15 NFTs this way, you can claim the daily Giving Tree Drop. This has a chance at a rare Bird's Nest, Magic Seed, or Eternal Seed. If you are lucky, you can earn a lot of WAX when you sell one of these extremely rare drops.

If you get a Stinky Spade and an Empty Bucket, you will be whitelisted for the next Poor Man's Drop (coming soon).

If you get 7 twigs, 1 Spark, 1 Fart in the Wind, and 1 Dry Tender, you can blend a Small Fire (coming very soon)
If you get a Rusty Hook and a Earthworm, you can get a Small Fry (coming soon)
If you find a Sturdy Rock, you can blend a Primitive Stone Axe to chop Logs for Firewood and blend with a Small Fire to create a Medium Fire (coming soon)

Opening the fire pack will produce Ashes with a chance at rare drops. Ashes can be used with compost ingredients to blend a gardener pack (coming soon)

Digging with Stinky Spade and Empty Bucket has a chance to produce a Fertility Statue, which can be traded in for a Baby of Infinite Possibilities, which can be blended into your first Tribalfunman asset to engage in tavern fights (coming soon)

More coming soon here about how to grow your funmanbobyjo collection from the ground up! This is taking me some time as I am a one man team, with help from some special players on telegram, so there is a lot to come in time. Check the Funlands Metaverse whenever you can to look for a special Ghost Ship that will float around the map and give a special reward to anyone who finds it on the rare occasion that it chooses to appear. 


                                                      Magic Castle in the Funlands

Want to Learn More?

Read 'How to Choose a Focus in NFT Production,' which is about the different paths you can take in the world of funman, and more info about exclusive NFT airdrop targets.

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The funmanbobyjo collection is a great way to add value to your wax wallet by mining weekly NFTs by passively holding farmerfunman assets in your wallet. Get air drops weekly with a chance at rare blending materials, and blend active farms!


Mine weekly, air-dropped NFTs just by holding certain funmangalaxy assets in your wax cloud wallet. Work towards building a shop in the metaverse to earn 50% of all wax sales from that shop! Upgrade your shop with blends and drops to attract other players to your lands. Enter the funman Metaverse: Join on Telegram to learn more or to win free NFTs:

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