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The Bog Swamps of the Funlands

How To Get Started in Funmangalaxy - 2 Simple Ways, Passive or Active

By funmanbobyjo | funmangalaxy | 4 Dec 2022

To avoid reading, just watch this quick youtube video to see a basic into on how to get started on funman for beginners:

This video will show you 3 of the most basic starter packs that still have chances for rare drops.

There is two ways to earn tons of awesome NFTs in funmangalaxy that can be used for blends or sold to others for a profit on the secondary market.

The first way is by simply owning air drop target templates in your wallet to earn weekly air drops. Find a list of these drop targets here: 

Once you own a few of these drop targets, you can sit back and earn weekly airdrops. Remember to list your packs for sale if you aren't going to open them!

The second way to earn funmangalaxyx NFTs is not passive, but it is cheaper. Buying hourly, daily, and weekly drops hidden throughout the metaverse and then opening them is a sure way to work towards limited time Trophy blends. These trophies can be sold for a profit once they are no longer available, or can be used to claim special drops that can be sold to other players who do not own the Trophy. An example is this is the Rainbow Dung (Shiny) which earns a Rainbow Dung Chest each week, but requires 6 Disgustingly Brilliant Dung Diamonds to blend (for a total of 330 Dung NFTs). The best thing about this option is that most drops can be claimed for 1 WAX or less, making drops like the 'Poor Man's Searching' pack practically free! The youtube video linked at the top will show where a few of these beginner drops are in the funman metaverse website. 

A good goal in funmangalaxy is to find a drop that you want, and work towards blending the item required for that drop. Then sell rare drops from that pack to other people and grow your funman empire! If you get enough rare NFT drops, you may even be able to blend and own your own shop in the Funlands metaverse. Each shop has an associated drop, which earns 50% of wax sales directly to the owner's wallet. Shops are 1/1 keeperfunman assets that also have their own page in the funmangalaxy metaverse. These shops can be upgraded with funmanunlock NFTs, which can be blended or purchased to add drops, blends, portals, sound clips, and more to the ever growing shop pages of the Funlands.

If you want to know more about this, you can simply join on telegram and talk directly to the creators of the Funmangalaxy! There @toadshaman works with players to create the artwork for the game. You can also earn crypto just for chatting and buy and open packs in the chatroom there! Don't miss out just because you "don't have Telegram" because it is easier than you think. :)

Join on Telegram to earn for chatting and win free NFTs:

Explore the Metaverse to find hidden drops, hidden blends, and hidden shop pages:

Follow on Twitter to keep up with updates and help to promote funman: 

NOTE: This collection is still in EARLY BETA and there is a lot to come to give value to the artwork! Including new tokens, staking, and blends which will all help the active players to earn for their efforts in an assisted player economy, where most items are fully controlled by the players who find them when opening chest packs. 

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The funmanbobyjo collection is a great way to add value to your wax wallet by mining weekly NFTs by passively holding farmerfunman assets in your wallet. Get air drops weekly with a chance at rare blending materials, and blend active farms!


Mine weekly, air-dropped NFTs just by holding certain funmangalaxy assets in your wax cloud wallet. Work towards building a shop in the metaverse to earn 50% of all wax sales from that shop! Upgrade your shop with blends and drops to attract other players to your lands. Enter the funman Metaverse: Join on Telegram to learn more or to win free NFTs:

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