New Yielding Farming On Avalanche Network

By fun2learn | fun2learn | 30 Oct 2021

Swift Finance is a new yield farm on Avalanche Network. It is labelled as low risk by RugDoc and it is also audited by Paladin.

A yield farming that has an unique feature with its non-native farms and pools getting an APR resets every 7 days. This helps to ensure that there are always new pools with high APR staking rewards available on Swift Finance.

Farms (Stake Tokens to earn Swift tokens)

AVAX/SWIFT LP – 1608.85% APR

USDC.E/SWIFT LP – 2006.84% APR

WETH/SWIFT LP – 1666.92% APR

SWIFT – 499.03% APR

WAVAX – 233.46% APR

WETH – 170.5% APR

USDC.E – 177.56% APR

JOE – 186.69% APR

BTC/AVAX LP – 285.73% APR

USDC/DAI LP – 205.6% APR


Stake Swift to earn USDC.e – 1211.78% APR

Stake Swift to earn wAVAX – 1101.27% APR

Stake Swift to earn wETH - 976.54% APR

Stake Swift to earn Storm – 821.33% APR

With its non-native pools that are getting reset every 7 days, those who hold swift tokens would always have a chance to stake for high APY rewards.

Click Here To Find Out More about Swift Finance with high APY Reset Feature 


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