My First Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

By fun2learn | fun2learn | 29 Jul 2020

I bought my first hardware wallet. It did not plan to get one until my older son mentioned that it would be good for me to get one to safeguard my investment.


It was really a learning process in having a hardware wallet Ledger Nano S especially for someone who had never used it before like me.




Good that we can easily get help online nowadays by simply going youtube and find a videoclip.

Video Source 

After setting up my password as well as writing down my 24 recovery words, I had to learn how to get the cryptocurrency app into this wallet.

The good thing is now ledger has ledger live so it makes things a lot simpler.

I managed to install one cryptocurrency app and make a transfer into this hardware wallet as a little test.

It did work but the transfer was not really that fast when I compare with my usual transfer speed for chrome extension wallet.

I found out that the advantage of getting a hardware wallet is our crypto is kept offline so that no one can get our private key to access our crypto.

I guess it is still a really good thing to have since we are in the crypto world.


I was also given a gold-plated metal bitcoin keychain.

I guess in the crypto world, there are always new things to learn if we want to stay ahead.

I have also found out that we can stake our cryptocurrencies to earn reward using ledger too.

It is like a wallet that we keep our money while having an interest.

Thanks for reading this short post!

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