Exploring The New Multichain MantaRaySwap Yield Farming

By fun2learn | fun2learn | 8 Oct 2021

MantaRaySwap is a new multichain yield farming. It allows its users to run on BSC, Avalanche, Polygon or Fantom for its yield farming and staking service.

It has certainly gathered 4 different possible pools of investors.

MantaRaySwap has been reviewed by Rugdoc and classified it under some Risk. The best rating should be low risk. It is under the second best rating of some Risk.

It is a forked from Pancakeswap with extremely high APR at the moment since the launch is going to be about 2 days later.

Getting in early to enjoy high APR could be really profitable if this project can be successful.

One of the key features would be the easy switch between the different chains that is located at the top part of the website.


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It has both liquidity pool(Fishing) and staking pool(Ocean) with extremely high APR since not much people have started using it.

Its token is currently at the price of $0.50. This price may go up if it manages to catch the attention of yield farmers.

It has referral program where one can earn 2% when our referrals collect their KING tokens.


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Getting it earlier than the others can be really profitable if this multichain yield farming is successful but no one can really predict its outcome.

We would probably get to know how reliable and successful it can be two days later as well as the coming weeks when it is fully operational.

It is really important to do your own research as well as don’t invest more than you can afford to lose especially with new project like this.

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