Cake Defi New Sign Up Bonus

By fun2learn | fun2learn | 25 Dec 2020

Cake Defi has just introduced new baits to get more users for its service.

DFI tokens that can be staked at Cake Defi has been performing really well especially after the big pump of Bitcoin that has recently gone over US20K and it is still really hot.

A new user can get $20 worth of DFI after the first deposit but this bonus will be locked up for 180 days.

By signing up using a referral code like my referral code below, both the referrer and referral will get $10 worth of DFI which will also be locked.

I guess some members can simply try to refer more new users to get the free reward to earn DFI.

It is certainly one nice way to attract more new users to explore Cake Defi.

Cake Defi is actually a registered company in Singapore that follows the required business regulations of Singapore.

Its CEO is Julian Hosp who has many great portfolios behind his name.

These new baits and all the strong background can seriously attract more new members for its service.

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