All-Time High For DFI Again

By fun2learn | fun2learn | 15 Jan 2021

I posted about DFI token reaching an all-time high of $2.58 yesterday and it actually hit another all-time high of $2.78 today again.


It really looks like altcoins are recovering faster than Bitcoin and DFI token seems to be one of those promising ones.

Those who have successfully joined Cake Defi and invested in DFI tokens have been giving good comments in my articles.

The only thing that really a pain in the neck for those are interested is really its requirement to complete a KYC.

As a registered company in Singapore, Cake Defi definitely follows the regulations and laws of Singapore closely.


On the positive side, it is a reliable company that we can probably trust and invest.

The referral program of free $20 DFI tokens for the 1st deposit for new members has been around for weeks but Cake Defi has recently made a change in stating a minimum deposit of $50 to qualify for the free DFI tokens.

Those who register through a referral link will get an extra $10 DFI tokens.

The $30 DFI tokens would be locked for 180 days that still enjoy staking rewards at 37% APY.

The 180 days lock-up period is only for the free DFI tokens. Our normal investment in staking can be staked and unstaked immediately actually.

Those that have a bigger appetite can invest in its liquidity pools that can give attractive rewards – BTC/DFI(198.73% APY), ETH/DFI(200.84%) and USDT/DFI(248.17%).

Investing in any type of liquidity pools can incur impermanent loss due to the price change of tokens and the percentage of reward can change depending on several factors like the number of liquidity providers.

I personally recommend staking as the more reliable and stable investment.

Looking at its current price, most investors who have been monitoring DFI tokens would probably agree that the chance of it reaching $3 is really high.

You can find out more or join Cake Defi using my referral link below.


Disclaimer: This is my personal reflection and I am not in any position to instruct anyone what they should do. I am not responsible for any action taken as a result of this post. My post can only be a reference for your further research and growth. By reading this post, you acknowledge and accept that.

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