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Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto

You can now farm Banano, well Wban anyway.

Hello all, as you might have noticed I love following and using Banano. That meant was I was very surprised that it set up farming on the BSC network! Now I turns out it's not banano (which I should have known) but it's wrapped self Wban, which is worth 1 banano and trades back and forth. I did this on a mobile phone using the browser inside metamask so hopefully anyone can do it!

Ok so before we start you are going to need some Banano, some BNB for fees ($2 should do it) and if you want a good APR some BNB or BUSD to pair with.

Ok this while thing is powered by Apeswap but except for setting up the liquid pool most of it occurs here so don't be looking around apeswap for Wban farms like I did!

Ok connect your wallet. At this stage there was also a help option to add the token to your wallet too if you want. You also need to enter your banano wallet and send a small amount to confirm its yours


Ok now we need to send some banano over, click deposit and you will get an address to send your banano to.

Once you send it you can swap it for Wban


Ok now you got some Wban! Now if you just want to stake it for 2% APR go ahead a drop it in the stake/farm section


However I imagine you want more then that, this is where we finally go to apeswap land.

Choose your liquid pool and click add liquidity


Ok now we add our Wban and other product and create out liquid pool


Ok now we can add this liquid pool token back in under stake and farm and we are collecting banano by the second.


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Fun ways to get into crypto
Fun ways to get into crypto

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