How I farmed on ninjaswap - A newbies adventure

Ok so thanks to the forth drop I have little bit of money to risk so I thought I would try out some of this farming business that I have heard so much about. 

So I decided to try ninjaswap because its a newish project and they are offering some additional ninja for doing some simple stuff (a bounty as they call it) referral link here

So what are the bountys? Pretty easy to be honest, join thier telegram, follow on twitter make some memes... these earn points which turn into ninjas, at a rate to yet be determined so I'm not pushing to hard.

So how did I start farming for the first time? Well needed to set up my metamask to accept bnb smart chain, much smarter people then me can tell you how to do that!

Then I bought some bnb and sent it over for a small fee. Pretty fast which was cool.

Then because I want to add liquidity to the pool I needed some ninja. Go to dex (often called swap) and connect my wallet via wallet connect and buy some ninja but leave at least half the bnb for the pool, plus fees.. so many fees.





Ok got some sweet ninja, then has to create ninja-bnb lp by clicking this link. This part tripped me up, you don't farm straight away , you create the liquid pool and then stake that to the farm. 



Ok add equal parts ninja and bnb to get ninja-bnb lp which you can then farm for..



Ok we did it, what a ride! I'm just glad I got a better understanding on creating liquid pools and farming!!




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Fun ways to get into crypto
Fun ways to get into crypto

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